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Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association - A Family Neighborhood

Oakes Estates Advisory, Inc.
PO Box 111046
Naples, FL 34108-1146

        "For the Betterment of Our Community"

Attention Oakes Estates Residences
North Naples Baptist Church will now accept any clothing or household items you would like to donate. These items may be dropped off the first Saturday of the month between 9:00-noon. These items will be donated back into our (Collier) community
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Where we meet - North Naples Baptist Churchon Oakes BLVD
Meetings are on the First Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the North Naples Baptist Church on the corner of Golden Oaks Lane and Oakes Blvd.


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URGENT changes to our neighborhood and traffic WE NEED YOUR HELP

Destiny Church, located on the West side of Hidden Oaks Lane, has petitioned to expand to TRIPLE ITS CURRENT SIZE and add hundreds more cars per day to our neighborhood. Destiny Church, who bought the property from Faith Community Church in 2014, is a fast-growing church with a formal vision of becoming a Mega-Church. They have activities 7 days/nights a week and regularly exceed the current parking and attendance guidelines for their structure and property now. OAKES BLVD IS THE ONLY WAY IN OR OUT! If approved, the intersection at Oakes Blvd. and Hidden Oaks Lane will become similar to Spanish Oaks Lane with turn lanes required in both directions. ALL OAKES RESIDENTS WILL FEEL THE IMPACT OF INCREASED TRAFFIC.

The Standing Oaks PUD will begin soon which will increase traffic substantially already.Approved 10 years ago, this parcelbetween Standing & Shady Oaks Lanes and I-75 will include up to 164 condos and townhomes.New raised medians with plant vegetation will be added to the middle of three Oakes Blvd intersections adding a natural calming effect. However, the development is only accessible via Oakes Blvd with single turn lanes to be added on Shady Oaks and Standing Oaks.

So, the expansion Destiny Church is applying for will add traffic to an already-busier Oakes Blvd.

The church has a “transitional conditional use” allowing their current facility and the county has asked them to apply for a whole new conditional use. The OENA Board believes that this new conditional use does not meet the basic requirements of the Collier County Master Plan, The Land Development Code nor the Collier County Growth Management Plan. Your OENA Board feels that this development is NOT in line with our community and would be better served in a non-residential area.

The need for you, the stakeholders, to have a voice in this process is important! Your input and letter writing is critical to stop this. Below is how you can help!

  1. Letter writing campaign. We have supplied a link to a sample letter for your use. Or you can write your own. Please mail your letter to: OENA, P.O. Box 111046, Naples, FL 34108. OENA Board will put together all the letters and submit them as we present a formal objection to the Collier County Planning Commission and the Board of Collier County Commissioners. (You may also receive a hardcopy letter at your home)
  1. You may prefer to email a personal letter to us at kfry@oakesneighborhood.com .
  1. Show up and be heard at county meetings. First, the Planning Commission reviews the project and issues recommendations, then the final decision rests with the Board of County Commissioners. Once on the agenda – we will need a show of force to speak to the Commissioners in hopes this will be denied. Make sure you are on our email list. CLICK HERE TO GET ON THE LIST.


Collier County Commissioners and Contacts
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Oakes Estates Neighborhood Assn. is a not-for-profit, all volunteer organization that strives to maintain the integrity of our fine neighborhood.

We hope to present a unified approach to dealing with the problems of the Oakes Estates residents by providing a vehicle with which to speak with one voice concerning our problems. Some of our most urgent concerns are:

-  Oakes Boulevard as a four lane road,

-  Connection of the Avenues to Logan Extension
-  New development, Traffic, Speeding, Crime, etc.

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