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        "For the Betterment of Our Community"

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Where we meet - North Naples Baptist Churchon Oakes BLVD
Meetings are on the First Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the North Naples Baptist Church on the corner of Golden Oaks Lane and Oakes Blvd.


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Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association
Special Board Meeting
Thursday, May 17
th, 2018

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m. Karl Fry, John Nicola, Mike Vitte, Terry Iamurri, Jim Glase, Jim Rice, Jaimie Ringhofer, Bob Walker and Tony Palladino were present. Gayle Hahe was in attendance from NNBC.

Old Business:

Standing Oaks PUD: Bob reported that they are projecting to run utilities from the Southside of Vanderbilt Beach Road down Oakes Blvd. within the next 2-3 months, at the same time they will be installing the medians along Oakes Blvd. We need to be thinking about the xeriscape plants for these medians. Terry will bring pictures of a thatch palm and other considerations. We need to ask for a county recommended list of plants.

Destiny Church Expansion: Destiny Church is requesting a revision to their original conditional use permit. This is a very important issue for our entire neighborhood due to the amount of traffic that would come with the possibility of this becoming a mega church. It was decided that rather then send our normal email blast out to everyone regarding this that we would allow Tony to construct a letter to send as an email that the board will approve to each individual on our email list. We have had residents tell us they were never notified of things due to these emails going to their junk mail. We are trying a new avenue to communicate and reach out to our residents.

4-Way Stop@ Oakes and Spanish Oaks: Karl informed us that Phil Ellington from Valpak donated the design and graphics for this postcard. Karl did not have the finished version to share tonight with the board but expects it to be done by tomorrow. It will then be emailed for any revisions to the board. Karl will check to see if Survey Monkey has a way to recognize or retrieve emails from the responses. Once this is proofed it will be sent out to residents.

Standing Oaks/Destiny – Special Letter to residents: Karl put together an informative letter to our residents of the imminent changes to our neighborhood regarding both of these projects. Destiny Church is requesting a provision to the original PUD would still have to come in front of the planning and County Commissioners meeting in the very near future. We have to press upon all our residents their view and voice needs to be heard. Karl drafted a letter to help residents state the obvious problems with the consider expansion of Destiny Church and the already approved Standing Oaks PUD, with the intention of each individual adding their personal views of the reasons to oppose the possibility of Destiny tripling its size. This meeting was called tonight because we need to formulate a plan to how to better communicate or get the word out to the residents. The things that were tossed out for ideas were: to put signs out on Oakes Blvd. to “pay attention to your mail”, do a second postcard by Val-Pak, go door to door, do tents at the entrance of each street on Saturday and hand out letters/try to collect emails, send a webmaster email blast verses a personal email from a board member. These considered options were discussed at length. It was decided that along with the communications listed in the above paragraphs that we would go door to door to leave a two page letter and a return postage paid envelope to Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association so they can then be forwarded on to County Department heads and the commissioners from our association. Terry offered to have stamp made with our name and address and stamp 500 #10 envelopes to have ready. Jaimie made a motion to allow a $300.00 budget for the purchase of OENA stamp, 500 #10 envelopes and stamps for Terry to purchase for this project. Tony seconded and the motion and the motion carried. The following is a list of the streets and lanes the board members are assigned to deliver the letters to. If you are unable to give it to someone it will be left in a Ziploc bag with a stone in the driveway.

Karl Fry – English Oaks

Russell Williams- Bur Oaks

Mike Vitte- Shady Oaks

Tony Palladino- Standing Oaks

Terry Iamurri- Golden Oaks

Jim Rice- Spanish Oaks

John Nicola- Hidden Oaks

Jaimie Ringhofer- Autumn Oaks and Oaks Blvd. up to Hidden Oaks Lane

Jim Glase and Bob Walker- Oakes Blvd. south of Hidden Oakes Lane

New Business:

Hiram Garcia moving West- resigning immediately – Karl asked if anyone new someone whom might like to be on the board John Nicola offered to contact Oscar Villaverde whom showed an interest at the annual meeting in March.

Adjournment: Tony made a motion to adjourn at 8:45 p.m. Jaimie seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Next monthly meeting will be Tuesday, June 5th at 7 p.m. to be held in the gym at NNBC

Respectfully submitted by Terry Iamurri


Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting Tuesday, May 1
st, 2018

Call to order/ Determination of Quorum: At 7:02 the meeting was called to order with a quorum present: Karl Fry, Mike Vitte, John Nicola, Terry Iamurri, Hiram Garcia, Bob Walker, Tony Palladino, Jim Glase, Jim Rice and Russell Williams. Guests in attendance were Stephanie Malloy, Ed Zeigler and Paul and Melinda Sullivan. Gayle Hahe from NNBC.

Approval of minutes: Tony made a motion to approve the April minutes, Hiram seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Treasurer’s report: John reported a bank balance of $4151.91 with 60 contributing members.

Old business:

Logan Landings (new name)- Updates: John reported the plaza is now scheduled to open the first quarter of 2019 with the possibility of Sprouts grocer opening at the end of this year.

Destiny Church Expansion- recent application: They have submitted a new Conditional Use application which is still under review by county staff. We are waiting for it to go to the planning commission.

Immokalee Median Cut-Through to be Closed Off: The county held an informational meeting at NNBC from 5-6PM this evening. Mark McCleary is the principal project manager for the closing of the median this summer that currently allows westbound vehicles on Immokalee to turn south onto Oakes Blvd. This will double the length of the left turn lane from Immokalee eastbound on Valewood which has been stacking into the through lanes of Immokalee Road.

Standing Oaks PUD- Moving forward: Terry and Karl approached Mark McCleary at the info meeting earlier tonight regarding this project. He confirmed it is going forward and is up for review. We asked him to let us know whom the main contact is so we can reach out to them. John offered to try look up information regarding the PUD guidelines. The board reviewed concessions written into the PUD including medians to be installed above and below several of our intersections within six months of approval of their Site Development Plan (SDP).

Spanish Oaks Stop Sign Survey Initiative: Terry brought up that maybe this should put on hold for six more months to see if the Immokalee Road lane closure and the possibility of having medians installed on Oakes Blvd by the Standing Oaks PUD might be enough for Spanish Oaks residents to get out of their street. After group discussion it was decided that these changes, while impacting traffic on Oakes Blvd, will not materially change the situation at Spanish Oaks Lane. We agreed to move forward with the mailing discussed last month. Jim Rice made a motion to spend up to $400.00 for a mailer to go out to survey residents. Karl will format it to direct residents to go to a new page on our website with background info and a link to SurveyMonkey to vote. Bob seconded the motion and the motion carried. This mailer will go out with a headline of “Safety Bulletin” with a call to action within 3 weeks (set a date) of the mailing. We want to include wording that this 4-way stop is supported by the OENA board. Phil Ellington from ValPak has offered to assist with postcard graphics and minimizing budget on the mailing. Karl will coordinate with him.

Oakes Estates Sign Plantings: The board thanked Terry for taking on this project.

New Business:

Lights at Tarpon Bay Blvd. to Synchronized with Immokalee Rd. at the Interstate: Ed Zeigler at a past meeting asked the board to look into getting these lights to synchronize like they did for about a week around the holidays. The board did ask Tony with the county whom is in charge of this. The reply was it is important for the county to keep Immokalee Road traffic moving then a lesser artery like Tarpon Bay in the synchronization of these lights.

Open agenda:

North Naples Baptist Church: Gayle said they are gearing up for Vacation Bible School to Start on June 4-8th from 9-12:30p.m. The theme is "Game On". Please contact Gayle at Gayle@nnbc.life

Adjournment: Tony made a motion to adjourn at 8:13 p.m. Hiram seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by Terry Iamurri


Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Call to Order/ Determination of Quorum: At 7:02 p.m. the meeting was called to order with a quorum present: Karl Fry, Terry Iamurri, Jim Glase, Jim Rice, Hiram Garcia, Tony Palladino and Bob Walker. Also in attendance was Gayle Hahe from NNBC, Celia Garcia, Christian Sibut, Doug and Donna Sprague.

Approval of Minutes: Tony made a motion to approve the minutes, Jim Rice seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Treasurer’s report: John was unable to attend, Karl reported for him our bank balance is $3874.24. We took in $1595.00 in donations with 38 paid members. Our annual meeting in February was well received. Gayle took a quick count and felt we had between 30-50 people attend. John has the sign in sheets. We will check with him when he returns.

Old Business
Landing at Logan: The only thing we have heard it is supposed to open the end of this year. The board feels this is an aggressive opening date because they have only cleared the property.

Destiny Church: We know they have submitted a new application for conditional use on March 28th. The board feels we need to stay vigilant to see what they are requesting. We want to minimize impacts on our neighborhood.

Standing Oaks PUD – Moving Forward: Rebecca Acx emailed Karl to let him know she saw that a site plan has been submitted for this project of 164 units. She had hoped to stop it. Karl let her know that this has been in the works for over 10 years and we worked with the developer back then to minimize impact on our neighborhood in terms of buffers, vegetation, building limitations, etc. Originally, 216 units were allowed in the zoning. Karl will email the Collier County Commissioners to remind them of the list of concessions we negotiated and that were accepted and placed into public record as part of the PUD. These included tear drop-shaped medians above and below three of our intersections plus a median north of Standing Oaks Lane, the main entrance to the PUD, to be installed within 6 months of approval of the site plan.
13-Acre Parcel@ Oakes and Autumn Oaks meeting: Tom Taylor president of Holes Montes had a verbal agreement with the owner, Ed White, to purchase this parcel with the intent to put a Self Storage facility on the property. A team of board members from OENA met with them to let them know that is unacceptable within our neighborhood. Other suggestions were discussed but OENA board members strongly suggested single family homes is the only vision we would like to see for this parcel of land, consistent with current estates zoning.

New Business
Spanish Oaks Stop Sign Survey Initiative: Eight people signed up to go street to street to get signatures to have a 4-way stop approved by the county. It was discussed when this was done in the past you have to continually go back to homes that are not home when you make the sweep. With so many gates and fences on most properties it also makes it difficult. The board decided after much discussion to have Karl make up a large postcard, possibly with an image of a stop sign and headline “Safety Bulletin”, and a call to action to go to a survey website to read more and submit a vote within 7 days. The last mailing for the annual meeting cost $420.00. Postcards may cost up to 50% less. Karl will contact Phil Ellington from Val-Pak and see what he recommends and if he might help our efforts.

Donation to NNBC youth group: Terry made a suggestion that we make a donation to North Naples Baptist Church Youth group for their help with set up and clean up for our annual meeting. She also reminded everyone we have not given a donation in two years. This is our meeting place each month that we are not charged for and Gayle Hahe must attend to lock up after us. Jim Rice made a motion to give a $500.00 donation. There was discussion. Terry then made a motion to make a $150.00 donation, Jim Glase seconded it, the motion carried, with Jim Rice declining.

Website advertising: Terry brought up that she had met a realtor, Michelle Combs at the annual meeting. Her realty group is offering a free seminar targeted to 18-24 year olds whom maybe facing uncertainty in their jobs and careers. Michelle was looking for a way to get the word out there about this Quantum Leap seminar. Despite the worthy nature of this cause, the board agreed that advertising such events might become burdensome and did not align with our mission statement. It was decided that this was better suited for the Nextdoor.com site.

Open Agenda
North Naples Baptist Church Events: Gayle said they are offering Open Gym Co-ed Volleyball on Tuesday nights at 6:00 p.m. She also thanked our group for leaving the many leftover desserts from our Tuesday night annual meeting last month. They had them at their Wednesday night fellowship meal.

Adjournment: Terry made a motion to adjourn at 8:41 p.m. Bob seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by Terry Iamurri


Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, February 6,
th 2018

Call to Order/Determination of Quorum: At 7:03 p.m. the meeting was called to order with a quorum present: Karl Fry, Mike Vitte, John Nicola, Terry Iamurri, Russell Williams, Tony Palladino, Bob Walker and Jim Rice. We had three guests in attendance Phil Ellington and Erik Solomon from Hidden Oaks Lane and Ed Zeigler along with our hostess Gayle Hahe from NNBC.

Approval of minutes: Tony made a motion to approve the January minutes. John seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Treasurer’s report: John Nicola reported a bank balance of $2938.81. He has paid our webmaster fee’s this past month for this year.

Old Business:

Annual Meeting: (a) Review draft of annual letter- Everyone thought it was a great letter. It was decided that Karl would edit the letter to include that at the Annual meeting we welcome all neighborhood business to bring their business cards and/or brochures to be able to put out on display for our local residents to be aware or consider using their services. Karl will have a sign in register to announce the businesses. An email blast needs to go out to announce this. Bob made a motion to approve Karl’s letter with the added verbatim, Jim seconded the motion and motion carried. (b) Discuss special guests- Karl will contact people from the county such County Commissioner Burt Saunders, CC sheriff’s deputy Neal Bohannon and other’s to invite them to our meet and greet annual meeting. (c) Finalize Meet-N-Greet format and food- Gayle has offered to have NNBC youth group help set up tables and chairs for this in their gymnasium. Gayle offered to make coffee and help coordinate with Terry the supplies and set up time. Terry sent out an email of considered desserts for this event. Mike made a motion for Terry to spend up to $150.00 for this event. This would include the desserts, small bottles of water, cream and sugar, coffee, paper goods and utensils for up to 100 people. Russell seconded the motion and the motion carried. (d) Approve Mailing Service Contract- Terry said that Presstige Printing is going up $22.00 on the printing from last year so printing with mailing this year should run $403.00 Tony made a motion to approve this mailing and Mike seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Landings at Logan- Updates: John this new commercial use of retail, restaurants and a grocer has cleared this parcel and is expected to have some openings in nine months.

Destiny Church Expansion- latest application: To the best of our knowledge nothing has changed. The church needs to re-apply for conditional use.

Bedding under Oakes estates signs: Terry said she went by to assess the signs since hurricane Irma. She found that all the signs have small plant debris adhered to them which she took a rag to remove. All the signs are starting to get mold growth on the fronts. Mike Vitte offered to go by with his large tank sprayer in the coming weeks and make a solution of bleach and water to get it off. Terry still plans to replant after Mike bleaches the signs either in March or April. Terry re-caulked the sign at the neighborhood park and repainted the red trim on all the signs to freshen it up.

New Business:

Corner of Oakes and Autumn Oaks Lane: John Nicola has attended a few of the GGAMP meetings. He noticed that this parcel appeared to be listed as commercial and brought it to the attention of Mark Strain and the OENA board. He was told by Mark that was an oversight and would be changed. Terry after reviewing the Golden Gate Master Plan latest updates for future usage caught it again and alerted the county GGAMP board regarding this. The county response was that numerous factors had to be in place for this to still be able to be used for commercial or conditional use. Those things were that the license never lapse to be renewed each year and that power to the property was not shut off. At this time we do not have those answers. Karl spoke with Mark Strain this past week regarding this property. Mark told Karl that someone wants to use this as a self-storage business. They have asked for a meeting with the county for this Friday, Feb. 9th.

Donation to NNBC: Jim and Terry both made motions of different denominations to make a donation to NNBC youth group because they will be setting up for our annual meeting and because Gayle and the church have been kind enough to host our monthly meetings. No donations have been given since 2016. Neither got seconded. It was decided to table this until after the annual meeting to see where we are at with donations.

Allyn Concrete Parcel PUD: Bob made note that they are trying to pipe water connection to this parcel, most likely to re-market it or to start developing it.

Open Agenda:

North Naples Baptist Church Events: There will be no rummage sale this year. On Thursday’s they will now offer open volleyball to co-ed’s instead of basketball. On Tuesday, February 13th Ladies of the church have home baked cookies to hand out, thru a drive through system at the church these are free and a form of goodwill, it is there Valentine Cookie Outreach. Sadly, due to the shootings in small community churches they have chosen to have armed security present at Sunday services for the safety of their parish.

Adjournment: Karl made a motion to adjourn at 8:21 p.m. Russell seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by Terry Iamurri


Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, January 9
th, 2018

Call to order/Determination of Quorum: At 7:02 p.m. the meeting was called to order with a quorum present: Karl Fry, John Nicola, Terry Iamurri, Hiram Garcia, Russell Williams, Tony Palladino, Bob Walker, Jim Glase and Jim Rice in attendance along with Gayle Hahe from NNBC.

Approval of minutes: Bob made a motion to approve the minutes as read. Tony seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Treasure’s report: John Nicola reported a bank balance of $3563.81. John did a spread sheet of our income and expenses for the last nine years the expenses that OENA have been as high as $3857.77 in 2009 to as low as $788.56 in 2012, many factors take these considerations in each year. The consensus is it’s important for us to do an annual mailer each year to solicit funds to sustain us and to get information out that has impacted us currently and in the future of our neighborhood.

Old Business

Stop Sign @ Spanish Oaks/ Oaks Blvd.: At this time the board has agreed to not move forward with this. It was expressed to Karl to include the process of how this came about in the annual letter.

Landings at Logan – updates: John said by their time line they should be starting to clear and building any day. He will continue to monitor landscaping for the end of Hidden and Autumn Oaks Lanes.

Destiny Church Expansion-latest application: No information on this at this time. There was much concern from the surrounding neighbors to the endless activities at the church both day and night. The night activities have many concerns for safety including driving in and out of the church all hours on the night, cars parked on the street, car alarms chirping and people congregating and talking in the lot late in the evening.

Bedding under Oakes Estates signs: Terry said she would keep the board abreast of when periwinkle will become available to replant, most likely April.

New Business:

Annual meeting- guest, annual letter, fundraising: After many possible topics of interest or potential guest speakers for our annual meeting it was agreed upon to do something different this time. It was decided to do a meet and greet your neighbor with coffee and dessert in the gymnasium of NNBC if Gayle gets the okay from their pastor. It was discussed to keep the format of annual letter the same as last year and to use the same printer, Prestige Printing in Bonita Springs. Possible topics for Karl to include in this year’s letter will be: the 4 way stop at Spanish Oaks, an update of the closing of the median on Immokalee Road, ideas and concerns to preserve the neighborhood and OENA board longevity to be considered. Jim Rice made a motion to have Terry get a new list from the county of addresses for our neighborhood for the mailing. John seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Open Agenda:

North Naples Baptist Church Events: Gayle let us know that the drive thru Nativity was well received this year and next year they will consider getting their CD’s for listening done in Spanish and Creole too. NNBC will have a new couple, The Butlers looking after their student and recreational ministry. For more information about the many activities and services available at NNBC please contact Gayle@nnbc.life

Adjournment: Tony made a motion to adjourn at 8:12 p.m. Bob seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by Terry Iamurri




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