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Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association - A Family Neighborhood

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        "For the Betterment of Our Community"

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Securing your Garbage from Bears & How to Retrofit



The Collier County Sheriff's Office offers the following suggestions to help you create a family safety plan:

- It is important to activate security measures especially when you are home.

  - Lock your doors and window
  - Always set your alarm
  - Keep your outside lights on
  - Close blinds and curtains to prevent your routine from being observed
  - Increase the awareness of your surroundings

- It is important to utilize your video surveillance.

  - Make sure it is on and recording
  - Make sure the lens is clean and well maintained

- Consider placing your valuables in a safety deposit box.
- Get to know your neighbors. If you see someone who appears out of place, call CCSO.
- Be a good witness. If you are a victim of a crime, try to remember as much detail as possible to convey to law enforcement.
- Discuss with your family members possible emergency scenarios and how to respond.

The Collier County Sheriff's Office has established a special hotline for reporting information about the recent home invasions. That number is 239-252-0300.

Oakes News and Announcements

Important Dates!

Please make time to join us on Tuesday, March 3 at 7pm at the North Naples Baptist Church, 1811 Oakes Boulevard for our Annual Meeting. We have planned a great presentation regarding the future of Collier County. Refreshments will be offered.

Also, please mark your calendar to attend the Collier Planning Commission Meeting on March 5 at 9am. This meeting will be held at the County Commissioner’s meeting room on the third floor of the Administration building, Building F at the county complex. The Planning Commission will hear the application arguments related to the Naples Senior Center. Your attendance is what makes the biggest impression for the planners and the commissioners. If you don’t show up, they assume you don’t care one way or the other.

On April 14 at 9am at the same location the county commissioners are scheduled to hear from the applicants and from the public on this issue and will make the decision regarding the approval of these applications. Again, your attendance will have a big influence on the way these decisions are made.

Current Minutes now posted with Information on the 2020 Annual Meeting

Consider what this neighborhood might be without a unified voice with Collier County.


There is a critical issue now facing all of us and the association desperately needs your input to shape the future of our neighborhood. Do you want commercial uses inside our community boarders? That very well may happen if we don’t have your input and support. Everyone should plan on attending the annual meeting on March 5th.

There is an effort to change the zoning on 13.66 acres inside our neighborhood boundaries to a commercial use. Should this effort succeed, the impact to traffic in and out of our neighborhood is likely to dramatically increase, which could impact our quality of life and property values.

The board has been effective in the past negotiating with developers, county commissioners and zoning officials to maintain residential zoning inside our neighborhood. Without a unified voice telling the commissioners we are against this kind of change, the pressure they feel from these commercial interests may be more than they can resist.

If you would like to hear more about what your neighborhood association is doing and about other threats to your neighborhood, please come to the annual meeting on March 5th and get connected with your neighborhood association. Mark Strain, the Collier County Planning Commission Chairman, will be in attendance to present information on the Collier County Growth Management Plans. We would like to see you there.

Most importantly, we need your support! MAKE A DONATION!

Fill out the form HERE and send in your donation, or bring it with you to our annual meeting. Your contributions help to fund expenses, projects, and legal fees to defend our neighborhood.

We thank the many homeowners who support our continuing efforts to keep Oakes Estates a wonderful place to live, enjoy our independence and lots of space, and raise our kids.

Tom Ellis - President

URGENT changes to our neighborhood and traffic

Destiny Church, Destiny Church, located on the west end of Hidden Oaks Lane is seeking again to add child care to their operations. This effort has been defeated in the past, but this church continues to seek expansion of their operations. Child care would add hundreds of cars per day to the traffic on Oakes Boulevard. We will do our best to inform the neighborhood as these efforts develop. Please feel free to attend our monthly neighborhood meetings to stay informed as well.

Upcoming Changes & Challenges

  • Commercial Creep – attempts to rezone lots intended for semi rural residential estates use to commercial or institutional use

  • Attempts by Destiny Church to expand their operations and increase membership beyond the capacity of their current facility and zoning

  • Increasingly dangerous traffic on Oakes Boulevard

  • Future development of the Standing Oaks PUD – up to 164 residential units

Oakes Estates Advisory - OEA - Welcomes You


Please plan to attend our annual meeting on March 3 at 7pm at the North Naples Baptist Church, 1811 Oakes Boulevard. Our agenda is still being finalized, but we will present information that will be important for our neighborhood.

Support Our Mission

Welcome to the official website of Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association, Inc. We have put together a place to visit when you need the facts or have any questions or comments for our Board or it's Officers.

Sign Up to receive our Newsletter or Ask a Question of our Board stay informed

Where we meet - North Naples Baptist Churchon Oakes BLVD
Meetings are on the First Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the North Naples Baptist Church on the corner of Golden Oaks Lane and Oakes Blvd.

Please consider joining Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association, Inc.. A small annual fee of $25.00 will help us get the information out to our residents and to maintain a P.O. Box. Go HERE for more information on joining. 

We welcome any comments or suggestions on making this website useful for all of the residents.

Thank you,

Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association

Waste Management Rules for Yard Waste Pickup
"32 gallon or less container will be picked up or the items can be bundled, or in a Kraft bag. (containers or bags must weigh less than 50 lbs. Items cannot stick up more than 12 inches front he top of the can."


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Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association, Inc. is a not-for-profit, all volunteer organization that strives to maintain the integrity of our fine neighborhood.

We hope to present a unified approach to dealing with the problems of the Oakes Estates residents by providing a vehicle with which to speak with one voice concerning our problems. Some of our most urgent concerns are:

-  Oakes Boulevard as a four lane road,

-  Connection of the Avenues to Logan Extension
-  New development, Traffic, Speeding, Crime, etc.


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