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Dear Oakes Estates Neighbors

Over the past several months, representatives of GL Homes have presented their plans for Naples Gardens Shoppes to Saturnia Lakes, Olde Cypress, Longshore Lakes, and Riverstone.  The Naples Garden Shoppes is proposed for the 18.6 acres located at the southeast corner of Immokalee Road and Logan Blvd.     An affiliated entity of GL Homes, known as Immokalee Road Associates, LLC (hereinafter IMRA), is the owner of the subject property and will be the project owner/developer.  IMRA has filed an application with Collier County to amend the Growth Management Plan (GMP)  to create the Logan Boulevard / Immokalee Road Commercial Infill Subdistrict to permit a neighborhood scaled commercial shopping center (grocery anchored) that will include a mix of commercial uses that are permitted by right and/or conditional use within the C-3 zoning district with some less intensive C-4 uses also being permitted.  A PUD rezone application has also been submitted for concurrent review with the GMP application to address additional site specific design considerations including limitations on land uses and defining specific development standards for the project.

As part of the various applications, IMRA is including specific restrictions to ensure that:

1.     The overall center is limited to a maximum of 100,000 square feet.  This restriction is designed to ensure the center is sized as a neighborhood scaled center catering primarily to local area residents;

2.     The center is limited to an overall height of a maximum of thirty five (35) feet.  This restriction is to ensure it is scaled commensurate with the area uses;

3.     No individual tenant is permitted to exceed 45,000 square feet.  This restriction is designed to ensure that no “big box” tenants are permitted (i.e. Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, exceed 45,000 square feet and thus would be prohibited);

4.     Certain uses will be prohibited.  This restriction is designed to ensure that uses such as gas stations/convenience stores, adult book stores, automobile dealers, cocktail lounges, movie theaters, dollar stores, just to name a few, are prohibited within the center.  A complete listing of the prohibited uses is provided in the attachments; and,

5.     The approval includes the architectural design.  This is done to ensure that it is developed as an upscale neighborhood center.

Attached are the material pieces of the application, inclusive of the rendered site plan and architectural renderings (file: NAPLES GARDEN SHOPPES), prohibited use/size limitations (file: Submittal 1 Exhibits), traffic impact study (file: Submittal 1 Traffic Impact Study). Elevations (file: Elevation 1 and Elevation 2), as well as, other components of the applications on file with Collier County. 

On behalf of the Oakes Estate Neighborhood Association, we have contacted the IMRA representative to inform us of any upcoming presentations and provide details of their proposal.   The information provided herein was provided to us pursuant to that request. 

A NIM (Neighborhood Information Meeting) has been scheduled for the proposed Naples Gardens Shoppes for March 6th, starting at 5:30 PM.   The NIM will be held at St. Monica’s Episcopal Church located at 7070 Immokalee Road (south side of Immokalee Road, west of Logan Blvd.)   The NIM is another opportunity for area residents to hear information and ask questions on the proposed project. 

No other public hearings before the various Collier County boards and commissions has been scheduled as of this date.   If you would like any additional information on this project, Kevin Ratterree at GL Homes/IMRA is the primary contact for the developer.

Kevin’s contact information is:
Office - (954) 753-1730, ext. 2240
Cell -
(954) 325-7622

For those interested in participating in the approval process, please plan on attending the NIM on March 6th or contact me as I will be the point of contact for the developer. I can be reached at 239-229-9541 or jnicola@oakesneighborhood.com.


John Nicola
Oakes Estates Board Member


Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association Board