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Where we meet - North Naples Baptist Churchon Oakes BLVD
Meetings are on the Second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the North Naples Baptist Church on the corner of Golden Oaks Lane and Oakes Blvd.


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Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association

Board Minutes – December 9, 2014


Directors Present:  Mike Vitte, Barb Collins, Hiram Garcia, Bob Walker, Jim Rice, Roland Fondessy, Terry Iamurri and Nancy Jane Berens. Quorum present, meeting called to order at 7pm by Mike Vitte vice president.


Approval of Minutes:  Bob made a motion to approve and Roland seconded.  


Treasurer’s Report:  John was unable to attend but sent in report that we have a balance of $4,194.20 with the addition of $800 from our neighborhood mailing.


Old Business:


Southbrooke Plaza

A Proposed new 40,000 sq ft. office, medical and restaurant project consisting of two single story buildings south side of Immokalee Rd and along Autumn Oaks Ln.  Special guest Brian Howell VP of Phoenix Associates, the developer, attended to answer questions.  Discussion centered on protecting our neighborhood, especially Autumn Oaks residents.  They are proposing 2,800 square feet for restaurant with 50 – 70 seats.  The discussion in our meeting centered on how it will impact the neighborhood quality of life.    The proposed buffers that back up to Autumn Oakes appear to be very good but general consensus of the people at the meeting is that we need to alert homeowners on Autumn Oakes of proposed building and tenants.  It was agreed that any food business needs to be limited to a smaller area with a reduced seating.  Bob offered to contact some homeowners on the street and get their preferences and make sure they are heard.  It was agreed as a board that we need full acceptance of the residents before we accept as is, or accept with stipulations, or stand against the request to change the zoning within Oakes Estates.  Roland made a motion and Barb seconded to study another month to access opinions of the residents as to the restaurant that might be at the heart of our concerns.


Closing north end of Oakes

Survey responses thus far:  we have 65 responses with 45 in favor of closing, 19 in favor of keeping open and one indifferent.

Bob made a motion, based on survey responses to send a letter to the county to request that it be closed.  Terry seconded and the motion passed.  Jim will draft a letter for Karl to review and send to the county. 


OENA Website Mini – Signs

Mike showed a picture of how the new signs will look and stated that he would have them soon and will pay for them and get them attached.  The sign rendering was approved by all.


Bears in the Neighborhood

Nothing new at this time


New Business:


Dump trucks on Oakes Blvd

Barb brought up matter of many more big dump trucks driving on Oakes again.  If they go from one end to the other and not go to any of our streets it can be reported with license # to non emergency police number 252-9300. 


Open Agenda:


Gayle Hahe

North Naples Baptist Church Events.  Friday the 19th there will be a movie night for parents to bring kids so they can go out to shop or just have free time. Need to RSVP ASAP.  www.nnbc.net   Special Christmas Eve Service.


Adjournment:  Motion made by Barb to adjourn at 8:05, seconded by Terry and motion passed


Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association

Board Minutes – November 11, 2014


Directors Present:  Karl Fry, Barb Collins, Terry Iamurri, John Nicola, Bob Walker, Mike Vitte, Hiram Garcia, Steve Bracci, Mike Vitte Roland Fondessey Gayle Hahe

and Nancy Jane Berens. Call to order 7pm.


Introduction of Board members and guests:  Brian Howell, Pam Storrar, Neil Bohannon, Brent and Amy Lovatt.


Approval of Minutes:  Bob made a motion to approve, seconded by Roland and the motion was passed.


Treasurer’s Report:  John gave accounting of $3,795.42 after the payment for mailing flyers.


Old Business:


Commercial Project on Immokalee Road.

Special guest Brian Howell, VP – Phoenix Associates.  Brian showed plans for a proposed mostly medical two buildings on the site.  Each to be around 20,000 square feet.  There will be a wall built with vegetation to buffer Autumn Oaks and will only have access to the buildings from Immokalee Road.  A dentist, Podiatrist and Urgent Care facility are potential business, will not have retail or national business including restaurants. Proposed to be neighborhood friendly. Steve Bracci informed the board that he would be abstaining from any vote on the Phoenix/ Immokalee Road matter due to the fact that he represents them at counsel


Neighborhood watch:

Special guest Pam Storrar gave information about starting new neighborhood watch on our streets.  To be approved each person would take a 90 minute training session and would like two volunteers per street, one at each end.  We would be able to get one sign to designate Neighborhood watch per street for free.  It was discussed that we might invite Ray Erickson from the Sheriffs Office to speak at a meeting to give more information.

NON EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER TO SHERIFF’S OFFICE 252-9300 to report any unusual activity observed in your neighborhood.


Closing North End of Oakes Blvd: Survey responses.  John reported 22 responses from out mailing survey so far.  16 yes to close and 6 for not closing.


OENA Website Mini – Signs:  Mike Vitte reported it is in the works to have signs built to hang off our existing meeting signs that would give our website information.


Bears in the neighborhood:  nothing new on disturbances.


New Business:  John put in an official complaint about the property at 6130 Hidden Oaks.  Someone was sent out to inspect derelict roofing and we haven’t seen a report on that yet.


Open Agenda: Gayle Hahe from North Naples Baptist Church NNBC.com

Christmas candlelight service12/7 . Bring kids to get help shopping for presents.

All updates on church site.


Adjournment:  Motion made at 8:15 by Bob and seconded by Barb to adjourn and the motion passed.


Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Collins, Secretary


Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association

Board Minutes – October 14, 2014


Directors Present:  Karl Fry, Barb Collins, Terry Iamurri, John Nicola, Bob Walker, Mike Vitte, Hiram Garcia, Jim Rice, Steve Bracci and Gayle Hayhe.  The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m.


Approval of Minutes:  Did not have a quorum last month so no minutes to approve.


Treasurer’s report:  John reported that the balance was the same at $3,795.42 with 97 members.


Old Business: 

Closing north end of Oakes:  Review Draft Survey/Mailing

Pro:  Would deter cut through traffic, still experiencing a lot

Con:  Harder to get in and out for north end residents.

Discussion included the Tarpon Bay residents want to be included in any discussions going forward on this.  Any concerns the North Naples Fire Department  needs  to be addressed also.


Jim made a motion to go forward with the survey and membership form to be mailed on two separate sheets.  Mike seconded and the motion was passed.  Plan to get this done ASAP.


OENA Website Mini-Signs:  Mini signs to hang off the Oakes Estates meeting signs at the north end, the south end and Spanish Oaks.  Will be a cost of approximately $100.00.  Bob made a motion to move forward on this and Jim seconded and the motion was passed.


Bears in the Neighborhood – Updates?  Nothing new


Neighborhood Watch – New resident Pam Storrar wants to work on restarting the service.  We decided to link the information with our next annual meeting. 


TBD – There is talk of a new office building to be built fronting Immokalee Road, backing up to Autumn Oaks. There is a rezoning plan and the access will be from Immokalee Road. 


Open Agenda:

John Nicola will contact code enforcement concerning unsafe conditions at 6130 Hidden Oaks Lane and report  back.


North Naples Baptist Church Events:  Gayle Hayhe

On Wednesday October 29th the whole neighborhood is invited to “Halloween Trunk or Treat” at the church. It was agreed that we would ask Chuck to do an e-mail blast to the neighborhood with that information.



Motion was made by Bob to adjourn at 7:57, seconded by Mike and the motion was passed


Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association, Inc.

 Board Minutes – June 3, 2014


Directors Present: Mark Vitte, John Nicola, Bob Walker, Hiram Garcia, Jim Rice and Terry Iamurri


Meeting called to order 7:04 p.m. with introduction of the board members and guests. Guests in attendance were Greg and Bobbie Ball, Ken Garrison, Dale and Katie Towers, Bob Mackie, Tony Paladino, Lenny Oliveri, Kelly and Ernie Gonzalez, Jamie and Baron Ringhofer.


Approval of May Minutes: Jim Rice made a motion to approve the minutes, Bob Walker seconded, the motion carried.


Treasurer's report: John Nicola reported we have $3945.42 with a current membership of 91.


Special thanks: From all to Mike Vitte for repairing the south Oakes sign again after it was hit again.


Special Guest: Lead Pastor Greg Ball of Destiny Church came to share information and build a community bond with the neighborhood. He shared they are a non-denominational Christian congregation of 250 adults with a kids ministry. They plan on having two worship services at 9 & 11 a.m. on Sunday's. They have been at Palmetto Ridge High School Auditorium for the past 2 and a half years for worship. They were leasing at Faith Community Church for the daycare they have been running. They are now leasing Dr. Reed's space where the Tru-Value hardware use to be for the daycare. They have a 5 year lease there. They can have up to 55 children from infant to pre- kindergarten. They were supposed to close on the property June 9th, but that will more likely happen in 3-4 weeks. The banking and the financial are all in place. The permitting for the floor to be reinforced is holding up the closing. Many questions were asked regarding how they will deal with traffic and parking. Pastor Ball said they do and will have parking attendants to help alleviate as much as possible. He hopes in time they will be able to build a bridge directly onto Tarpon Bay Blvd. for access to and from the church. That would be much further in the future. He welcomes any questions any of the neighbors might have he can be reached at their office at (239) 592-7729 or his cell (239) 938-6950.


Old Business:


Closing North end of Oakes Blvd.: Karl Fry will be emailing a draft flyer to be placed on the mailboxes of our residents in order to gather feedback on whether or not to close off the north end of Oakes Blvd. The board will review and approve the flyer before distribution.


OENA website mini signs: Lenny Oliveri offered to work with Mike Vitte to see the best way to adhere mini signs to the bottom of our current signs or to the back of the sign closest to Vanderbilt to display our website. He will go down and measure and then get back with a price to do them. Terry Iamurri brought up that Ken Carter whom has the Oakes sign on his right away has pressure washed it but says it is not legible any more due to fading. Mike Vitte said his daughters repainted the sign at Vanderbilt because of all the repairs needed. He offered to have them paint that one for a small fee. Terry Iamurri made a motion to have Mike's daughter's paint the sign at the north end on Carter's property, Jim Rice seconded and the motion carried.


New Business:


Bears in the Oakes Neighborhood: Karl Fry sent pictures out of how he "bear-proofed" his own trash can by drilling holes and installed two Karabiners on the sides. Karabiners were $4 each so total cost was $8. The second night after they were installed, a bear knocked over the can but could not get in so moved on to the neighbor's trash cans that were unprotected sitting up by the road.


Nancy Berens reported to Mike Vitte that just because you don't see the bears they are still there day and night. They are most likely finding refuge in the empty lots that are around sleeping in them during the day and of course active at night. Last meeting it was reported that a momma bear and her cub were killed at I-75 and Immokalee Road. Since the last meeting a single bear believe to be her other cub has been sighted.  Two bears fighting or playing on their hind legs were also sighted at Hidden and Oakes Blvd. area. It is important to be aware of your surroundings.


Open Agenda:


Stop Sign: Nancy Berens conveyed that the stop sign at Spanish Oaks is faded and obscured from being seen by vegetation. It was requested that Karl email or call transportation department to bring to their attention. No one else reported a problem they are aware of anywhere else.


No summer meetings: Bob Walker made a motion to not hold meetings in July and August unless we had new or pertinent topics that needed to be discussed. Jim Rice seconded the motion and the motion carried. Meetings will resume the second Tuesday in September.


NNBC: Gayle Hahe with North Naples Baptist Church let us know there would be a funeral service Thurs. June 5th for a school teacher from Immokalee and feels it will be heavily attended. There could be considerable traffic due to this. Jim Rice inquired whether NNBC had received our donation yet for their Vacation Bible School program they have not. John Nicola will take care of that.


Adjournment: John Nicola made a motion to adjourn at 8:00 p.m. Bob Walker seconded and the motion carried.


Respectfully submitted by,

Terry Iamurri



Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association

Board Minutes Tuesday, May 13th 2014


Directors present: Nancy Berens, Hiram Garcia, Bob Walker, Roland Fondessey, Mike Vitte, Terry Iamurri, Steve Bracci, John Nicola, Karl Fry and Jim Rice, meeting called to order at 7:04 with a quorum present. We had 4 homeowners not on the board as guests Tony Palladino, Stephanie Swank, Donna…. and Jim Grace.


Approval of May Minutes: Roland Fondessey made a motion to approve the minutes, Bob Walker seconded, the motion passed.


Treasurer's report: John Nicola reported a bank balance of $3977.42, with current members at 91. This is the highest membership we have had since 2004.


Old Business:


Closing the north end of Oakes Blvd.: The straw vote at the annual meeting and the questionnaire sent out were highly in favor of closing the north end of Oakes Blvd. After much discussion we decided that Karl would notify Chuck to put it on the website. We will make up flyers to put on residents mail boxes. To be distributed by board members between now and June to notify residents of the possible change on Oakes Blvd.


Faith Community Church sale update: Bob Walker reported that Destiny Church has purchased Faith Community Church contingent upon the floor be repairable due to a poor foundation. They will be moving into the building in about four weeks. The pastor has offered to speak with us about the presence of the church in the neighborhood. Bob will invite him to the June meeting. Karl Fry will email Mark Strain and cc. Commissioner Henning to get a feel of what we may be able to govern for the neighborhood or negotiate. The church is interested in a bridge from Tarpon Bay Blvd across the canal into their parking lot. The Oakes board supports this idea and favors closing off access from Oakes Blvd to protect our neighborhood and especially the residents of Hidden Oaks Blvd west of Oakes from an onslaught of traffic.


OENA Yard Signs: Karl brought up that we would really like to advertise our website to get information out. It was discussed to put it on the flyer we will be handing out about the closing of Oakes Blvd. Mike Vitte brought up how nice it would be to put it on the back of the sign that it supposed to be at Oakes Blvd. and Vanderbilt that is down right now due to being hit by a vehicle for the second time. Instead we agreed to let Mike look into pricing a small two-sided sign that could be hung from the south Oakes sign near VB Road signs that would have reflective lettering to be hung at the bottom of each advertising the website. Our guest, Stephanie Swank offered to approach the owner of the old Kaye Homes model, Terry believes the owners name is or was Karacosta, to see if they would consider allowing us to put the Vanderbilt sign in front of their corner wall so it will not take any more hits from vehicles.


New Business:


Bears: Mike Vitte said he listened to news tonight that 2 bears were hit by I-75 and Immokalee Road. A vehicle hit what they believe to be a momma bear and a second vehicle hit what they believe to be her cub. There was a second cub not injured and determined by FWC to be old enough to be able to live on its own.


Open Agenda:


North Naples Baptist Church events: Gayle informed us that they will be having their Vacation bible school the week of June 9th-13th from 9-12:30 p.m. you can register at www.nnbc.net


Donation to NNBC: Nancy Berens made a motion for us to donate $100.00 toward VBS for their use. Jim Rice seconded the motion and it passed.


Meeting date: Bob Walker will have a conflict with second Tuesday meeting date through the summer. We discussed moving it back to the first Tuesday of the month. It was decided to table this for the June meeting.


Adjournment: Roland Fondessey made a motion to adjourn at 7:55, Karl fry seconded it and it passed.



Respectfully submitted by,

Terry Iamurri



Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association, Inc.

Board Minutes – April 8, 2014


Directors Present:  Karl Fry, Barb Collins, John Nicola, Nancy Jane Berens, Hiram Garcia, Terry Iamurri, Steve Bracci, Jim Rice, Mike Vitte, and Roland Fondessey.


Meeting called to order at 7:00pm with the introduction of board members.

Visiting homeowners:  Sam Steele, Golden Oaks, Kate Castro, Spanish Oaks, also Cameron Ingram who lives on Oakes Blvd.  His small light brown Laso dog has been missing since Sunday.  His phone number is 205-902-5638.  Please give him a call if any sightings.


Approval of Minutes:  Terry made a motion to approve March minutes, Bob seconded and the motion was passed.


Treasurer's report:  John Nicola reported we now have 80 members with a bank balance of $3,933.02.  Motion to approve by Barb seconded by Roland and the motion was passed.


Old Business: 

Karl turned over documents for OENA to John to be taken to lawyer for filing with the State for our renaming. 


Home Invasion Update:  Neal Bohannon, Collier County Sheriff's Office and Oakes Estates neighbor came to give us an update on the current break-in at Quail West a gated community just to our north.  It appears that it might be related to the other break-ins that have occurred in the Naples area including one on Golden Oaks Lane.  The main Message is for us as a neighborhood to stay vigilant and aware of any activity that appears to be out of the ordinary and to call the sheriff's office if any is observed. There might be information on television concerning these break-ins with possible rewards leading to information from Crime Stoppers. 


Faith Community Church sale update:  There is nothing new and it is not a closed deal.


New Business: 

Yard signs to direct residents to the website:  Table discussion for now.

Strategy for north end of Oakes Blvd:  We plan to revisit this in June to propose closing the north end of Oakes Blvd with a Cul-de-sac.


Open Agenda: 

Gayle Hahe from North Naples Baptist Church:  There will be a Living Word Ceremony on Palm Sunday.  Also a Cantata on Good Friday.  There will be a big Easter egg hunt after Easter Sunday service.


Adjournment: Motion to adjourn 7:35 by Barb Seconded by Terry and the motion carried.


Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Collins, Secretary


Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association, Inc.

Board Minutes – March 11, 2014


Directors Present: Karl Fry, Barb Collins, Nancy Jane Berens, Hiram Garrcia, Roland Fondessey,  Jim Rice, Mike Vitte, John Nicola, Terry Iamurri and Bob Walker.


Meeting called to order 7:10 with introduction of board members. 


Approval of minutes:  Roland made a motion to approve the February minutes, Bob seconded and the motion was passed. 


Treasurer's Report:  John Nicola reported we had a balance of $2,794.09.  We will have new amount, and count of members next month with new members signing up this evening. 


Old Business:


Karl went over some of our past achievements, including lowering speed limit from 45 to 35 on Oakes Blvd, renaming streets from numbers to names, and working with the county on many issues involving our neighborhood.

Renaming of Oakes Advisory to Oakes Neighborhood Association with unanimous approval of the board.


Special Guest:  Aaron Devanuta, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.


It was explained that his organization has a unique relationship with the Collier County Sheriff's Department in that they communicate and help each other with wildlife issues.  It has been documented that the black bear population continues to increase at the same time our development of housing continues to grow giving us problems of interaction with each other.  The largest problem contributing to bears in our neighborhood is the trash.  Mr. Devanuta encourages everyone to be aware of contents in the container.  We were given information regarding their behavior around humans.  They generally will leave any time encounter occurs.  There is actually a law on the books for violations on excessive garbage problems that is rarely enforced but available for use if violations continue LAN-688-4


The website for further information is:  www.myfwc.com  

Phone #:  305-470-6863 push #7 for information.


Special Guest:  Neal Bohannon, Collier County Sheriff's Office.


Neal is a welcome neighbor of ours in Oakes Estates.  He assured us that he feels we all live in a very beautiful, safe neighborhood.  His department, Golden Gate Substation covers an area which included Immokalee Road at I-75 to Wilson Blvd. to the east and Lee County line to the south.  In 2013 our neighborhood had four dwelling burglaries, and one grand theft auto reported which is a very small percentage in comparison with other areas.  He reported that intruders do look for easy access by being close to I-75 and those burglaries were “pillow case” meaning they smash door gliders and are in and out with jewelry and small valuables, when they assume no one home.  We were encouraged to be aware of people knocking on your door that you do not know, they might be just looking to find out if anyone home.  If unsure of identity, call the police on non-emergency phone #239-252-9300.  The one home invasion with consequences occurred around dusk through an open garage door or unlocked slider.  That was an armed invasion with multiple persons involved.  It was a wakeup call for us to be aware of securing your home by locking doors and closing garage doors.


Their website:  www.colliersherrif.org.  which has a lot of information of any crimes in Collier County.


Rob Capizzi-  with the sheriff's office is available to anyone in the county to come to your house and evaluate any safety issues you may have with your residence. 

His phone # is 239-455-3121.


New Business: 

Faith Community Church Sale Update:  No new information available at this time.


To close (or not to close) the north end of Oakes Blvd?  Unofficial vote at this meeting was to eventually close it off to help with neighborhood traffic.


Election of Board Members & Officers: The officers and board members will remain the same with one opening to replace Tim Witherite.  John nominated Steve Bracci who lives on Hidden Oaks, Barb seconded, the motion was passed and Steve graciously accepted. 

Thanks to Tim Witherite for his years of service and leadership.  He is leaving the neighborhood for Tennessee.  Good Luck Tim.


Open Agenda: 

North Naples Baptist Church Events:  There will be a spaghetti dinner this Saturday Night which is always popular. 

Vacation Bible School will be available for free during spring break

All information available www.nnbc.net  Contact Gayle Hahe.


We had a $100.00 cash raffle drawing for the evening.


Adjournment:  Motion to adjourn at 9:10 by John seconded by Barb and motion passed.


Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Collins, Secretary


Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association, Inc.

Board Minutes – February 4, 2014

Directors present: Karl Fry, Barb Collins, Tim Witherite, Roland Fondessy, Nancy Jane Berens, Hiram Garcia, Jim Rice and Bob Walker.

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m.


Guests: Neil Simon, new lot owner on Standing Oaks, Tony Palladino on Hidden Oaks and Gayle Hahe with North Naples Baptist Church.


Approval of Minutes: Roland made a motion to approve January minutes, Tim seconded and the motion was passed.


Old Business:

Renaming Oakes Estates Advisory to Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association – Process: Will look into changing by-laws at annual meeting. Will be confirming change with paperwork to the State. Karl has received name change paperwork from an attorney (gratis).


Annual letter, contents, and pricing letter, return form, meeting notice and bumper sticker: We will ask the print shop for quote on 550 envelopes to have extra with all the other forms we have agreed on, Annual letter printed on two sides, single page property owners return form, bumper sticker, insert with “save the date” on yellow paper.

Waiting on the quote for the bumper sticker and pricing on all. A motion was made by Bob and seconded by Jim to approve a price up to $1,200.00 for this mailing. The motion was passed. Barb made a motion to change our monthly meetings to the second Tuesday in the month, Bob seconded and the motion passed. This will start with the annual meeting in March.


Website and social media: will ask Chuck to send blast to facebook about the annual meeting in March and the new http://facebook.com/oakesneighborhood site.


New Business: Faith Community Church on Hidden Oaks has been condemned with foundation issues and another church, “Destiny Church” has plans to buy it and fix the problems. They have a very active congregation and will be looking onto possibility of accessing the church from Tarpon Bay Blve directly to the church , hoping that would ease traffic concerns for our neighborhood. It was discussed that we would try to have Greg Ball, pastor to come back to our April meeting.


Jim made a motion seconded by Nancy to get a second LED light for our sign at the south end of Oakes Blvd because the one there is getting dim. The motion was passed.


Gayle Hahe from North Naples Baptist Church updated us that their annual rummage sale is March 1st and all encouraged to bring any unused items to the church for donation. Vacation Bible School will be March 22nd thru the 28th.


Neil Bohannon with Collier County Sherrif's office might be able to talk at the annual meeting. Also will have a wildlife officer to talk and address the situation with neighborhood bears.


We all want to give our thanks to Tim Witherite who has served as our neighborhood as president for his outstanding job. He will be missed by all after he moves to his new home in Tennessee very soon. We have a gift of appreciation that we were not able to present to him at this meeting. Good luck Tim.


Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Barb seconded by Nancy to adjourn at 7:55. The motion was passed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Collins, Secretary



Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association

Board Minutes – January 8, 2014


Directors Present:  Terry Iamurri, Karl Fry, Tim Witherite, Barb Collins, John Nicola, Nancy Berens, Bob Walker,  Jim Rice, Hiram Garcia, Mike Vitte and Roland Fondessy.  The meeting was called to order at 7:p.m.


Approval of Minutes:  Nancy made a motion to approve December's minutes and Roland seconded and the motion was carried.


Treasurer's report:  John reported we have 18 members and a bank balance of $4,010.07. 


Old Business: 

Renaming Oakes Advisory – process. 

Vote taken to approve the name Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association

Vote was unanimous and passed.  It was discussed that checking on the change showed that it is simple to change the annual report without monetary repercussions. 


New Organization Logo Presentation – Lisa Absher gave us the information she showing different variations of our new logo with different fonts and shapes which were handed out to us all and voted on.  She also assured us we would be able to get a car sticker that we could include in our annual mailing to all in the neighborhood to display. 


Annual Letter and Fundraising Drive:  Terry has gotten a new disc from the county with updated mailing information.  It was discussed that Barb will take annual letter and information that we will have an insert and the car sticker to the Print Shop to get options on cost for mailing in an envelope or folded and closed with tape stickers on three sides.  The Annual meeting will be Tuesday March 4, 2014.


Motion to have a cash prize given the night of the meeting by Barb and seconded by Jim was approved and the motion passed.  It was discussed that Roland knew a wildlife officer he will ask to speak at the meeting.  


Partnership with Collier county Sheriff – nothing new, we do receive the newsletter.

Bears in Oakes Estates (update):   there are continues sightings and garbage can turnovers.


Website/social media – encourage everyone to visit site and to like on Facebook.


Open agenda:

North Naples Baptist Church Events:

Saturday March 1st will be their annual big sale.  Call for any pickup donations anyone has available.  The proceeds from the sale will go towards Vacation Bible school which will be the last week of March.  It is open to children from 3 years old to


Any other comments and issues

Lisa brought up the fact that the intersections at I-75 north and south on Immokalee Rd were proposed to be beautified by the county and contacted Commissioner Henning.  He did agree and work was supposed to start on that in December or January. 



Barb made a motion to adjourn and seconded by Mike, the motion was carried.


Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Collins - Secretary


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