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Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes from December 6, 2011

Directors Present:  Tim Witherite, Barb Collins, Bob Walker, Ron Joeckel, Mike Vitte and Nancy Berens.


Approval of Minutes:  Barb made a motion to approve the November 2011 minutes and Bob seconded and the motion was passed.


Treasurer's Report:  John was unable to attend the meeting but called in his report to Tim.  Our bank balance is $4,850.95.  Our membership stands at 39. 


Old Business - Valewood Drive:  Commissioner Henning expects that by the one of the county commission meetings in February we should get more information on the expected extension of Valewood Drive to Autumn Oaks. He expects the county staff to bring forth a proposal at that time.


Neighborhood Recognition:  There was discussion about how we could increase participation and membership in our organization.  At the January 2012 meeting we will discuss option, including canvassing our streets with brochures and information.  Also we talked about the possibility of setting up a table to hand out neighborhood information at the January 31st election site at the church. We will discuss further at the January meeting.


Signs:  Bob made a motion to accept the new directional signage design from the county for the new signs proposed for Oakes Blvd and Spanish Oaks Lane. Nancy seconded and the motion was approved. 


New Business - Review of Board Responsibilities & Duties:  It was discussed and agreed by all that Oakes Estates Board and members are not a homeowner’s enforcement group and we cannot enforce any neighborhood rules and regulations.


Drainage Issues:   Since Peter brought to our attention the issue of drainage problems, Tim did investigate by driving all of the streets and did observe the issues that exist mostly on Spanish Oaks mostly in front of vacant lots that do not keep up with improvement.  Those locations will be watched when the rainy season starts again.  Tim will send on a written request to the Commissioner Henning requesting the county staff look into needed repairs.


Open Agenda:   Tim will not be able to attend the February 2012 meeting so a motion was made by Barb and seconded by Bob to move the February 2012 meeting up to January 31st 2012.  The motion was passed. 


Gayle Hayhe handed out the flyer for the month of December Christmas activities at North Naples Baptist Church.  This includes vacation bible school from the 26th thru th 30th. with a beach blast theme.  There will be a drive through to observe a live nativity on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd.    


Adjournment:  A motion was made by Bob and seconded by Mike to adjourn at 7:40 pm and the motion was passed.


Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Collins, Secretary


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes from November 1, 2011

Directors present:  Tim Witherite, Hiram Garcia, Jim Rice, John Nicola, Mike Vitte, Nancy Berens, Bob Walker and Ron Joeckel, meeting called to order at 7:02 pm with a quorum present.


Approval of Minutes:  Jim made a motion to approve the October 2011 minutes, seconded by Nancy and the motion was passed. 


Treasurer's Report:  John Nicola reported that the cash balance was $4,725.95.  Our member count is 37.  We had a couple sign up at this past weekend’s Block Party at the North Naples Baptist Church, but numbers are still down from prior years.  Bob made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Jim and the motion passed. 


Old Business - Valewood Drive:  Tim spoke to Tom Henning and Tom’s plan is to begin pushing the issue with the County Commissioners in December.  Both Tom and the County Manager agree that the extension should be done and there are funds that can be reallocated from other projects within the County to accommodate the road.  Tom will let Tim know when he is ready to push and Tom requested assistance from those involved, including Roland Fondessy, a member of the First Congregational Church. 


North Naples New Development at Valewood: Tim reported that there is no new information to report.


Neighborhood Recognition - North Naples Baptist Church held their Block Party this past weekend and all went well and Gayle estimates that there were roughly 2 dozen families in attendance from the neighborhood.


Neighborhood Recognition/welcome packages:  Tim handed out flyers/welcome package that can be provided to any new neighbors on our respective streets.


Ideas for increasing membership:  Nancy had an idea that for our annual meeting in March, we can have food or a pot luck and possibly have a person or two to watch over any children that attend the annual meeting.


Another idea was to have a table set up (must be a min. of 100’ from the entrance) at the North Naples Baptist Church (which is a County designated poling place) at the Presidential Primary on January 31, 2012.  We could hand out flyers and get people ready for the picnic, which is likely to take place sometime in late January or early February. 

Peter Goodin came up with an idea of having a post card at the Presidential Primary and have people write down the 3 most important things they would like to see happen in the neighborhood and how to improve the neighborhood.


Jim Rice suggested we have a raffle at the annual meeting in March for an item, yet to be determined, in the +/- $500 price range as a way to get more people to attend, Nancy suggested an Ipad. 


Keep bringing up suggestions at the meetings.


Directional signs at Spanish Oaks: we all agreed that the recently installed signs near Jim’s house (intersection of Spanish Oaks & Oakes Blvd.) were over the top.  Tim met with Eugine Calvert of the County Transportation Department and he agreed that as originally installed, they were way overboard.  They have since removed the I-75 directional signs and moved them back (further south) as to avoid a visual impairment to those folks trying to look south down Oakes Blvd.  The Transportation Department is going to redesign the signs (according to State and Federal standards) and re-install new ones.  Eugene will send us a preliminary design prior to fabrication for us to review. 


New business – FYI, from Tim, some groups in town are pushing to change the way that the County Commission is made up and they want to add 2 at-large Commissioners to the staff that will require a countywide vote.  Sounds unnecessary and we need to just keep our eyes and ears on this one.


Gayle Hahe handed out the November monthly flyer and told us that the NNBC is planning on having a “live” drive-through Nativity Scene in the parking lot of the church for 3 nights during the Christmas Season. 


Peter Goodin commented on the recent flooding in the neighborhood and suggested that we have the County Transportation Department look into checking and cleaning out the drainage pipes that go under Oakes Blvd.  He also thought that we should ask them to survey and look at the drainage ditches down all of the streets and survey them for clearing and cleaning.  Tim will drive down the street and also look at the dead ends at the eastern end of the streets and contact Tom Henning.


Adjournment: Bob made a motion to adjourn and it was seconded by Jim Rice at 7:37 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Collins, Secretary


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes from October 3, 2011

Directors Present: Tim Witherite, Terry Iamurri, Nancy Jane Berens, Ron Joeckel, Hiram Garcia, John Nicola, Mike Vitte,  and Jim Rice, meeting called to order at7:01p.m. with a quorum present.


Approval of Minutes: A motion to approve the September minutes was made by John Nicola and seconded by Terry Iamurri, motion as voted approved.


Treasure’s Report: John Nicola reported a bank balance of $4700.95 with a total of 36 members.


Old Business:

Valewood Drive extension – Commissioner Tom Henning is looking into finding the funds to get this road project back on course. He has brought the county manager out to see the location. It appears that the county may be able to find some funding for this project this fiscal year.


New Development re-zoning on Valewood Dr.- This will be tabled until we get any new information regarding this project.


Street Light at Autumn Oaks – The street lamp did get installed at the corner of Autumn Oaks and Oakes Blvd. The hold up was due to deciding on which department was paying for its installation and operation.


Commission and School Board Re-districting – Tim Witherite reported that the commission meeting was civil and congenial regarding the 5 maps. Maps # 2 &# 3 were dismissed right away, and then map #5. Then the commission consideration was maps #1 & #4. Tim Witherite spoke stating our preference. Both Commissioners Hiller and Henning agreed that Oakes Blvd. should stay in Henning’s district. The commission voted to keep map # 1 as the new district lines with very minor changes which kept the Everglades City area in District 5.


Storage containers/pods: Commissioner Henning had contacted Tim Witherite regarding the use of storage containers in our neighborhood. He wanted to know how our board feels regarding there usage. Tim drafted a letter that stated as long as they are placed according to zoning, with proper set backs and maintained we do not have a problem with them in the estates area. Jim Rice made a motion to except the letter as written by Tim, seconded by John Nicola motion was approved.


Neighborhood recognition: Nancy Jane Berens suggested canvassing the neighborhood to get more neighbors involved. Tim Witherite suggested that we do this starting in January, finishing in February to maybe rally people to come to our annual meeting in March. Tim Witherite and Ron Joeckel brain stormed to put together welcome letter packet to hand out. Nancy Jane Berens offered to get this started with having a table to give out candy and welcome packets to our neighbors in the Oakes neighborhood at North Naples Baptist Church trunk or treat October 29th between 5-7 p.m. Jim Rice made a motion to give Nancy Jane a budget of up to $50.00 for candy and supplies for the trunk or treat. This motion was seconded by Terry Iamurri and motion carried. Gayle Hahe from North Naples Baptist Church offered to make a computer banner for our Oakes Advisory table.


New Business

Recently installed signs: New directional signs that have been installed on Oakes Blvd and on Spanish Oaks in front of the community park have been disliked since they arrived. The board has asked that Tim Witherite write a letter to Commissioner Henning stating, they do not fit in to our residential neighborhood and are so big that that they are obstructing view of traffic at the corner of Spanish Oaks and Oakes Blvd. Jim Rice made a motion to have the signs removed, Nancy Jane Berens seconded the motion, motion carried.


Open Agenda

North Naples Baptist Church Update: Gayle Hahe invited our neighborhood to attend their trunk or treat, blood drive and block party on Oct. 29th starting at 5:00 p.m. For all activities and information check their website at


Street patching and repaving: Oakes Blvd. got some patching after Tim Witherite and Nancy Jane Berens brought to Commissioner Henning specific areas that needed attention. Tim Witherite asked that all board contact him ASAP if they know of other spots in our neighborhood that need addressing due to erosion on shoulders or potholes so he can give an itemized list to Commissioner Henning.


Immokalee Road landscaping: Lisa Absher asked Tim Witherite to look up plans when Kyte installed Target to see if the landscaping was budgeted for Immokalee Road interchange. She believes upon completion of the bridge they were to landscape median on Immokalee Road. Tim will look into this. 


Adjournment: Motion was made by John Nicola and seconded by Nancy Jane Berens to adjourn at 7:55  p.m.


Respectfully submitted by,
Terry Iamurri - Secretary


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes from September 6, 2011

Directors present: Tim Witherite, Terry Iamurri, Ron Joeckel, Hiram Garcia, Jim Rice, Mike Vitte, Nancy Jane Berens and John Nicola, meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. with a quorum present.


Approval of Minutes: A motion to approve the June minutes was made from Jim Rice and seconded by Nancy Jane Berens; motion as voted on approved.


Treasurer’s Report:  John Nicola reported a bank balance of  $4755.95.


Old Business:

Valewood Drive Extension – Tim Witherite reported nothing is new on this project.


New Development Re-zoning on Valewood – Tim Witherite has been in touch with the developer on this project and it is on hold.


Street light at Autumn Oaks – This has gotten delayed and overlooked until Tim inquired about it. Tim Witherite was able to report that it is suppose to be installed on Mon. Sept. 12th.


Damaged sign at south end of Oakes Blvd. – Tim Witherite reported that Mike Vitte was able to make the repairs to the sign and repaint it. It was hit by a vehicle. It is now installed. SOS services has volunteered to mow around this sign for us.


New Business:

Commission and school board re-districting – New districts will be voted on Tues. Sept. 13th. We hope to still be in district 3 with Commissioner Henning as our representative. Naples Daily News published part of a letter Tim Witherite wrote to the commissioners that was taken out of context as a quote in the paper. After seeing the article in NDN Tim Witherite wrote a letter to Commissioner Hiller to stop the damage done by NDN.


Neighborhood recognition- Some discussion of how to get our neighbors more involved. Some of the things we will consider canvas the neighborhood (Jan./Feb.), Decals for cars, bring a neighbor to the meeting, end of street block parties and using trunk or treat at NNBC.


Open Agenda

North Naples Baptist Church- Gayle Hahe invited our neighborhood to participate and attend their Trunk or Treat on Oct. 29th at 7:00 pm. The church has many activities and is open to the Oakes neighborhood families to be involved in the many things they offer, volleyball, basketball, movie madness will be 6:00 pm. Friday, Sept. 16th. Information can be found on their website at


Look out- Everyone look out for your neighbors beware that A/C units are being stolen in our neighborhood.


Adjournment: Motion was made by John Nicola and seconded by Terry Iamurri to adjourn at 7:55 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by

Terry Iamurri


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes from August 6, 2011



Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes from July 5, 2011



Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes from June 7, 2011

Directors present: Tim Witherite, Terry Iamurri, Ron Joeckel, Hiram Garcia, John Nicola, Nancy Berens, and Mike Vitte, meeting called to order at 7: 03p.m. with a quorum present.


Approval of minutes: A motion to approve the minutes from May was made from John Nicola and seconded by Hiram Garcia, motion was voted on and approved.


Treasurer’s Report: John Nicola reported a bank balance of $4, 805.95. We have 4 new members which brings our membership to 32.


Old Business:

 Valewood Drive Extension- Tim and Roland Fondessy met with Commissioner Georgia Hiller again. Realignment of county lines for commissioners population distribution is done every 10 years it is possible  that commissioner Hillar will be our new one when the time comes. She would like to see this project move forward. Unfortunately, at this time the funds are not available. They are budgeted for other road projects. Roland Fondessy whom attends First Congregational Church will continue to request funds to be considered for this road construction.


New Development Re Zoning on Valewood Dr. – Tim Witherite reported the status of this development has not changed.


Neighborhood Car Wash- Unfortunately, for the church and our efforts only six people from the neighborhood took advantage of this free car wash. We are giving NNBC $50.00 donation as motioned at May meeting.


Street Lamp at Autumn Oaks Lane- Tim Witherite and Les Wicker got with commissioner Tom Henning regarding this being the only street not having a  street light. Commissioner Henning put in the request. FPL will be installing in 4-6 weeks.


New Business:

Damaged sign at south end of Oakes- John Nicola reported that there is still $372.51 left in sign budget. The south Oakes residence sign was hit and badly damaged. Tim Witherite found the sign and post down. Mike Vitte has looked at the sign and hopes to be able to repair it. They may contact Jim Rice for touching up paint. Progress on this will made as they work through trying to salvage the sign.


Meeting New Fire Chief-  Tim Witherite met with NN new fire chief. The new chief and staff were unaware of any future traffic calming for Oakes Blvd. if new PUD on Standing Oakes ever moves forward. They were fine after seeing the design. Tim brought up the possibility of a cul-de-sac at the north end of Oakes as a traffic calming device. Fire Dept. will not fight this.


Open Agenda-

Paving Oakes- Nancy Berens wondered if there was any plans to repave Oakes Blvd. We all feel there will be no funds. Tim Witherite said he would look into it.


Shade for neighborhood park-  Nancy Berens said she has heard from some the neighborhood park would get more use if there was shade.  Tim remind all that this park was done on limited funds. He said he would contact Jim Rice and see if any consideration for this could be planned.


Canvassing the your neighbors- Continuing talks at our meetings has resulting in trying to get our community involved at the meetings. We are exasperated.  The Oakes Advisory gestures to get neighbors to rally to keep our neighborhood and property values up, attend meetings and get involved have not happened. Gayle Hahe of NNBC suggested we set up a table at trunk or treat in Oct. We will give out candy and make up flyers on bright orange paper. We are badly in need of fresh faces and help.


Next Meeting- We are not meeting in July. If there is not enough new business it is possible we may not meet in August.


North Naples Baptist Church-  Gayle Hahe said they have one of the best attended Vacation Bible Schools. They expect 220 students from June 20-24th. They have many great activities now and all summer long. Information on their website –


Adjournment: Motion was made By Ron Joeckel and seconded by Nancy Berens to adjourn at 7:37 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by,
Terry Iamurri, Secretary


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes from May 3, 2011

Directors present:  Tim Witherite, Barb Collins, Ron Joeckel, Bob Walker, John Nicola, Jim Rice, Mike Vitte.


7p.m. call to order with a quorum present. 


Mr. Orly Stolts, Fire Chief from the North Naples  Fire and Rescue NNFR was introduced as our guest speaker.  Our independent district covers 70 square miles and 90,000 people.  NNFR have a total staff of 150 people, the largest in the county.  Mr. Stolts gave us a brief summary of the education and duties of the paramedics and EMS personal.  Oakes Estates as a community has been given the designation of ISO 3 down from 9 which is pertinent information to any personal homeowners insurance. 


Approval of April minutes:  A motion was made by Jim and seconded by John to approve the April minutes and the motion was voted on and approved.


Treasure's report:  John Nicola reported that the balance is $4,705.95.  We have 4 new members which brings us to 28.


Old Business:  Valewood Drive - Tim met with Commissioner Hiller, who may end up being our commissioner after re-districting.  She is interested in moving this project along.  The divisions of the 3 neighborhoods which are on Valewood drive are meeting next week to vote on their approval to move the extension of Valewood forward.  There have been 75 accidents involving u-turns coming from their neighborhoods at the light since the changes in Oakes turns.  Tim will present a proposal to the county to close the end of Oakes Blvd. to Immokalee Rd. if and when Valewood extension opens. 


New Business:  The Valewood PUD has been approved for 152 condominiums but is now being considered to become an Assisted Living facility which will have less traffic possibilities coming onto Valewood.  Bob Walker proposed we get active with the county and Rich Yavonivich to let them know we would not oppose Brown Academy   development on Immokalee Rd.  if it could be engineered to have access only from Immokalee Rd. and none from Autumn Oaks. 


We had a discussion concerning the promotion of our membership in Oakes Estates.  Gayle Hahe from the North Naples Baptist Church offered that they were already scheduled to have a car wash from 9:30am to noon on May 21st. and invited us to participate.  Jim Rice made a motion that we fund the car wash with a $500.00 cap, making it a free car wash, and that we include a $100.00 printing budget to make flyer's to hand out about our neighborhood and what we are working on and what we have accomplished. Barb seconded the motion and it was passed. It was also suggested we contact the North Naples Fire Department and have them come by as added interest for the neighbors.  Gayle Hahe from the church suggested using our neighborhood signs to advertise it the day before and that she would look into using the marquis to advertise it also.

Summer meeting schedule; Those present discussed passing on the July meeting and resume in August.  Mike made a motion to do that and Bob seconded and the motion was passed. 


Open Agenda: 

North Naples Baptist Church - Gayle Hahe announced that Vacation Bible School registration has begun and will be run June 20th through the 24th.  There are many activities offered for everyone and the information can be found on their website,


Roland Fondessy of First Congregational Church of Naples requested we look into a street light at the end of Autumn Oaks; all the other streets do have one.  Tim will  speak with Commissioner Henning on this topic


Adjournment:  Motion made by Barb and seconded by Jim at 8:17 to adjourn and the motion was carried.


Respectfully Submitted,

Barb Collins, Secretary


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes from April 4, 2011

Directors present: Tim Witherite, Barb Collins, Jim Rice, John Nicola, Ron Joeckel, Hiram Garcia, Sean Libbey, Mike Vitte, Nancy Jane Berens, Bob Walker and Terry Iamurri. Meeting called to order at 7p.m. with a quorum present.

Officers introduced with one neighborhood guest present.

Approval of March minutes: Jim made a motion to approve February minutes, Bob seconded and the motion was voted on and approved.

Treasurer's report: John Nicola reported the balance is $4,774.60. We currently have 24 members in contrast to 65 members last year.

Old Business:

Brown Academy; Proposed day care/ early childhood center to hold up to 270 children. The county has talked about the possibility of opening up access to the facility from Autumn Oaks in addition to the Immokalee Rd. access. It was discussed that Tim would make a proposal to Mr. Yavonivich, the property owners attorney that we adamantly oppose any access from Autumn Oakes and that we want a considerable sound buffer as was discussed with them earlier.

Garage Sale; The garage sale was not attended by any more than 2 neighbors last month and it was discussed that we will have to re-evaluate how we might do it next year or just not have one.

Vice President's Position; Mike Vitte stepped up and announced that he would accept the Vice President position if elected. The motion was made to elect him by Barb and seconded by Sean and unanimously approved by the board. Thank you Mike.

New Business:

Valewood extension; Tim, Bob, Hiram and Roland have had meetings with Commissioner Henning and county officials concerning the extension and have been informed that there is no money in the budget for that to happen. Commissioner Henning thought that he might be able to find some money from another project. Tim and Bob are to meet with Commissioner Hiller tomorrow in regards to that project. It was discussed that it might not be in our neighborhoods best interest to actually move forward on that project. Motion from Ron to propose not to pursue the extension. Sean seconded and the motion was approved.

Website update; discussion about what could be sent out on site. Tim will try to update once a month any issues that pertain to the neighborhood.

Open agenda: Gayle Hayhe reported that the spring celebration at the church was attended by 34 neighbors and church members. The church is having their own garage sale this Saturday.

Adjournment: Bob made a motion at 8:10 and seconded by Barb to adjourn and the motion was carried.

Respectfully Submitted,
Barbara Collins, Secretary


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes from March 1, 2011

Directors present:  Tim Witherite, Barb Collins, Terry Iamurri, Denny Baker, Jim Rice, John Nicola, Ron Joeckel, Mike Vitte, Sean Libbey,Hiram Garcia and Bob Walker.  Meeting called to order at 7:00pm with a quorum present.

Introduction of Commissioner Tom Henning:  Commissioner Henning came to discuss  any information and questions about our neighborhood. 

 1.  Valewood extension:  There is a right of way approval but have a problem with funding at the county right now.  Commissioner Henning will work with us to get this project moving again towards completion.  He suggested a meeting with a small group of board members.

2.  Standing Oaks PUD:  It is at a standstill now, but regulations are recorded in the PUD legal documents in place for Oakes Blvd improvements and building regulations for if and when that property starts development.

3.  Traffic count:  the last one was in 2006 and peak at that time was 468 cars a day.  Commisioner Henning stated he will work to get another count as it is assumed the count is less with the finishing of Logan extension and better movement on Immokalee Rd. 

4.  FEMA Flood Maps:  nationwide the government is trying to get homeowners to be accountable to get coverage.  Our area was deemed in the flood zone but further study shows we will not be in the flood zone.

5.  Septic tanks:  State issue and we don't know yet if we will be subjected to any new laws, but the commissioner felt that it was very unlikely to pass given our general economic conditions at this time.

The county has a budgeting shortfall of 3-5% more than last year.  Concerns from our homeowners included the question of marketing Collier County to business to move here to increase budget and bring revenue. 

Introduction of Officers:  was postponed to give Commissioner Henning time early in the meeting.  All present were asked to introduce themselves also.  There were 30 people present for the meeting. 

Approval of February minutes:  Jim made a motion to approve and John seconded and it was voted on and approved. 

Treasurer's report:  John Nicola reported that our balance now is $4,732.35.  We have an outstanding balance due to printers for the annual mailing and are now receiving checks for the annual membership drive.

State of the Neighborhood report:  Our goals and accomplishments

1.  Never allow 4-laning of Oakes Blvd.

2.  Never allow our streets to connect with Logan Blvd.

3.  Control development and commercialization

4.  Neighborhood identity

a. neighborhood park
b. neighborhood signs

5.  Access to more services/Super Target & Chili's etc

6.  Traffic calming (via Standing Oaks PUD)

7.  Reduction of cut-thru traffic and lowering of speed limit on Oakes Blvd

8.  Improved access (via completion of Immokalee under the I-75 bridge)

9.  Improved access (via the proposed extension of Valewood Dr. to Autumn Oaks)

10.  In the future our goals are to continue to work hard to protect and improve our unique neighborhood. 

Election of officers:    Tim has agreed after discussion to stay as president for the next year.  Barb & Terry have agreed to continue as Secretaries; John Nicola has agreed to continue as Treasurer.  We do not have a Vice President at this time as Denny has stepped down after  eight years of  dedicated service. 

Election of board members:  Tim Witherite, Ron Joeckel, Bob Walker, Jim Rice, Terry Iamurri, Barb Collins, Sean Libbey, Mike Vitte, Hiram Garcia, Chuck Cannaday, and our newest board member Mary Jane Berens;  all were unanimously elected by everyone present.

Old business:  Modification of By-laws.  It was discussed and voted to approve by Terry and seconded by Barb and the motion carried to modify the by-laws.  By-law changes were emailed to all members in advance of the meeting, posted on the web site, handed out at the meeting, and discussed in summary fashion by John, Denny, and Tim.  All board members voted in the positive to adopt the proposed changes.

Day care issue:  Brown Academy has made plans to build a day care center to include 240  pre- school  through kindergarten children.  This will be a 3-4 year process to open.  It has to go to the planning committee and then to the county commission then to the state and then comes back to go through the county again.  We as a community will stand firm that there will never be access to the proposed school from Autumn Oaks, but only from Immokalee road.

There will be a free block party hosted by North Naples Baptist Church on April 2nd from 4-7pm.  There will be food, games and a fun house.  Oakes Estates neighbors have been invited to attend.  There will also be periodic blood drives that will be set up at the church and hopes for volunteers to donate.  They also host basketball games and movie nights.  Sign on to www.NNBC.NET for further information.

Adjournment:  At 8:15 Barb made a motion to adjourn and it was seconded by Terry and the motion was carried.

Respectfully Submitted,
Barbara Collins, Secretary


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes from February 1, 2011

Directors present: Tim Witherite, Hiram Garcia, Terry Iamurri, Ron Joeckel, Jim Rice, Mike Vitte, John Nicola and Bob Walker. Meeting called to order at 7:07 p.m. with a quorum present.


Approval of January Minutes: Jim Rice made a motion to approve the minutes. John Nicola seconded the motion and the motion carried.


Treasure’s report: John Nicola reported that our balance is $4657.35 Terry Iamurri reported for Barb Collins that the newsletter mailing has gone up substantially this year from $356.00 to lowest price being $426.00 for this year’s annual newsletter.


Discussion of preparations for annual meeting:  Tim Witherite reported we will have some major topics of interest to bring in front of the residents. Commissioner Tom Henning will be our guest speaker and we will promptly start the meeting at 7:00 p.m. because he has to leave by 7:30. Terry Iamurri said she would send around a sheet for the neighbors to sign in and get emails if we can so we can follow up with a thank you for coming and showing an interest in our neighborhood and inviting them to attend more regularly. Jim Rice asked if we could serve refreshments. Gayle Hahe said she would check to see if it would be okay and will follow up with Tim.


Garage Sale Update: Our annual neighborhood garage sale will be at Faith Bible Church on Immokalee Road on Sat. Feb. 19th from 7a.m. until noon with a rain date of Feb. 26th . Mike Vitte has gotten the county permit. Terry Iamurri will put the ad in the Naples Daily News. Bob Walker made a motion to approve the garage sale and the placement of the ad in NDN. Mike Vitte seconded the motion and the motion carried.


By- Law Review Updates: John Nicola and Tim Witherite reviewed the changes that they and Denny Baker made to update and make the by-laws current to our association needs. Emails copies will be resent to the board and copies will be made available at the annual meeting. We will be voting on the changes at the annual meeting.


New Business: Bob Walker got a phone call by a concerned neighbor why there are not stop signs on Oakes Blvd. Tim Witherite said the easy response to this is because there is not justification to warrant them. They are known to cause accidents. You must also have sufficient cross street traffic.


Other New Business: Rick Yavonivich for the Law firm Coleman, Yavonivich and Koester presented information in regards to a proposed day care center to be located on Immokalee Rd. adjacent to our neighborhood. The owner Frannie Cerniglia and her brother-in-law Lance Sherman attended and presented packets, aerial photos and design photos of the proposed day care that would sit on five acres on the west side of Eagles Nest daycare. The proposed daycare would be named Brown Academy. They would be licensed for 240 pre-school through kindergarten students. The day care would have a computer lab, media center and swimming pool along with the classrooms. They currently operate the Brown Academy in Fort Myers and this proposed facility would be similar in look and operation.  It was nominated best young childhood center by Parent and Child Magazine last year.  Mr. Yavonivich they would need to apply with the county for their pre-application by late April. With hopefully going in front of the planning commission by Nov. Mr. Yavonivich stated that the county may request for them to have a second access and that it was requested to be on Autumn Oaks Lane.


Oakes Advisory concerns were for no access on to Autumn Oaks Lane at all and for a visual and appropriate buffer for Autumn Oaks residence on the south side of the development.  Tim Witherite discussed to notify the residence of Autumn Oaks of this new development so they could be aware.  Jim Rice made a motion that we say no an access on Autumn Oaks and that a buffer be at the south side of the development to protest Autumn Oaks residence.  Ron Joeckel seconded the motion and the motion carried.


North Naples Baptist Church: Gayle Hahe let us know there will be a Block Party on Sat. April 2nd from 4-7p.m.  Along with many other activities the church is sponsoring you may contact them at or email


Adjournment:  At 8:21 John Nicola ask that we adjourn, seconded by Terry Iamurri and motion carried.


Respectfully submitted by;

Terry Iamurri


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes from January 4, 2011

Directors present: Tim Witherite, Barb Collins, John Nicola, Denny Baker, Ron Joeckel,
Jim Rice, Mike Vitte, Sean Libbey, Hiram Garcia and Bob Walker.

Approval of minutes: Jim made a motion, seconded by Denny and the motion was carried to approve December minutes.

Treasurer's report: John Nicola reported that the balance was the same at $4,657.35. Discussion again that Denny would recieve a check to pay for new neighborhood addresses to send out our annual letter. It is estimated that it would cost approximately $75.00.

Neighborhood signs - update: The landscaping around the sign on the north end of Oakes Blvd. has been done by Terry? and looks good. Mike called Diane at the county, who confirmed that everything had been done. Tim will write a letter of appreciation to Peter for all the time he put in to facilitate the approval from the county for our Oakes Estates signs. Jim approached H&M Lawn services on Spanish Oaks and they offered to keep the area around the signs mowed and weeded free of charge for the community.

By-Laws review update: Tim, Denny and John plan to meet 1/19/11 to work on cleaning up the by-laws and will present the ideas to the board at the next meeting. Tim will send out an e-mail before the meeting to outline any changes that need to be made and expect to be made before the annual meeting in March.

Discussion of preparations for Annual Meeting: Commissioner Tom Henning has agreed to speak at the meeting. It was discussed that Tim will send him a list of questions that we would like to address at that time. 1. "Snake Farm" PUD, what are the further plans for development. 2. When will the intersection of Valewood and Immokalee next to the church begin to be extended. 3. Traffic count for Oakes Blvd. 4. How have the economic changes affected the county government. 5. Fema flood insurance coverage. 6. Further information concerning law changes for owners of septic tanks.

New business: We have a volunteer community patrol person who cruises our neighborhood intermittently in an old police car. We do need to have a new vice president to take over the duties, as Denny is stepping down. The duties will include interning to take over the office of President at the end on one year. We will look to have another neighborhood garage sale on either February 19th or 26th at the church again. Tim made a motion and it was seconded by Jim and the motion was passed to advertise in the Naples News this year to have a better turnout. Times will be from 7 am. until noon. Gayle Hayhe from the North Naples Baptist Church is working on having a spring and fall neighborhood get together again this year.

Adjournment: Barb made a motion at 7:55 and was seconded by Bob to adjourn and the motion was carried.

Respectfully Submitted,
Barbara Collins, Secretary




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