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Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes from August 7, 2007

Directors Present; Karl Fry, Lisa Absher, Terry Iamurri, Denny Baker, Jim Rice, John Nicola, Ron Joeckel, Vinnie Panipinto, and Tim Witherite, Meeting called to order at 6:59 p.m. with a quorum present.

Karl Fry asked the new board to give a self introduction of their office followed by attending residence to introduce themselves.

Approval of the agenda: Lisa Absher made a motion to approve the agenda, Tim Witherite seconded and the motion carried. The approved agenda is included with these minutes.

Approval of July 10, 2007 minutes: John Nicola made a motion to approve, Jim Rice seconded. Discussion took place that minutes will be posted by email to all directors for amending and the final version will be accepted unless there is conflict. When final version is approved, then Karl Fry (President) can have Chuck Cannaday (Webmaster) post them on the OEA website. This saves time at meeting. The motion carried.

Treasurer's Report: John Nicola reported the bank balance is $6,364.94 after a couple of expense reimbursements. We have gained some new members with no membership dues paid due to the board approved waiving of 2007 membership dues. .

Neighborhood Park: Jim Rice reported that we will be gaining a sidewalk on the south (park) side as improvement. The plan called for removal of existing hedge and irrigation. Jim brought it to the County's attention. The sidewalk will now be to the inside of the hedge and irrigation will be retained.

Children's Safety committee: Lisa Absher reported she would steer this committee if she had some people interested in helping her. She would like to investigate sitting areas for children waiting for their buses, a bike path for the east side of Oakes Blvd., possible crosswalks and other safety issues. Vinnie Panipin offered to help after request from the floor for volunteers.

Standing Oakes PUD: Noah Standridge has been working on neighboring concerns of this PUD. Karl Fry reported that Noah was at the meeting with the developers. Noah discussed that nothing was noted in there plans regarding height on the east side of the development. It is now written that the median roof height will be 35'. A buffer of vegetation will be between the development and the neighbors. Sufficient landscaping will be added to a neighbor bordering the entrance, where the development entrance will have a bit of a jog in the road. Karl Fry reported that Peter Goodin and he worked toward traffic calming with the developers. It was discussed that the developers were looking to put in two left turn lanes to the east of the development; they might not be that useful. Ed Fynn commented that the budget might be able to be modified to incorporate putting the small modified medians ( Rob Corbitt's plan) with painted lines leading up to them instead. Pricing estimates to do the medians will be investigated by the developer. Karl and Peter also requested they put our neighborhood entry signs in their plans presented to the Collier County Planning Commission in November and presented to the Board of County Commissioners in January 2008. A note was made that 7acres of this PUD was sold to the County Transportation Department for a water retention area.

Embarq Site: Denny Baker reported that we have just received a reimbursement check for $1,542.30 from Embarq payable to Driftwood Nursery. We will now send that check to pay Driftwood Nursery for there installation of the plantings. He also made note that Embarq employees worked on the boxes for days after the installation. They broke and dug up at least one plant, but all has been trimmed and replanted again, one plant has died and others have suffered broken limbs as a result of the Embarq work to install their equipment subsequent to the plantings.

Old Business

Picnic: Lisa Absher reported she reserved the large pavilion at the Vineyards Park for Sunday Nov. 4th. Lisa made a motion to pay the deposit for the pavilion if this was the day we wanted it. It was seconded by Ron Joeckel, the motion carried.

New Committee: Denny Baker brought up appointing a new committee to look into the possibilities of getting county water for our neighborhood that may also provide water hydrants that would reduce our home owners insurance. Vinnie Panipinto made a motion to look into gathering information to bring back to the board for them to review and disseminate that info to our general neighborhood once completed. Tim Witherite volunteered to work with Denny on this project. Terry Iamurri seconded, motion carried with one dissenting vote by Ron Joeckel,

Karl Fry discussed the strategic overview of how all our committee initiatives are interrelated to one of our main Association missions to reduce traffic on Oakes Boulevard and to eventually have Oakes Boulevard reclassified from a "collector road" to a "neighborhood road" by our County Transportation Department. There was a consensus of understanding and agreement by the Board and Directors.

Adjourn meeting at 8:12 p.m. motioned by John Nicola, seconded by Jim Rice, motion approved.

Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes from July 10, 2007

Directors Present: Lisa Absher, Peter Goodin, John Nicola, Denny Baker, Jim Rice, Noah Standridge and Terry Iamurri, meeting called to order at 7:08 p.m. with a quorum present.

Treasurer's Report: John Nicola reported that our bank balance is $7130.60. We have gained a few new members by for going membership dues.

Secretary's Report: Terry Iamurri read the June minutes, Peter Goodin motioned to approve, Jim Rice seconded, motion carried.

Neighborhood Park: Jim Rice reported something might be happening in a couple of weeks.

Embarq Box (Oakes & English Oaks): Denny Baker and Tim Witherite reported that check for the planting is forthcoming. Planting will happen when we start to get a normal rain pattern.

Annual Newsletter: Lisa Absher reported the news letter was a little late getting out because the new mailing list had incomplete information. Correcting the mailing list for future reference may possibly take two to three hours to do so. Peter Goodin suggested buying a new list yearly. Keeping the disc Lisa has made as a reference.

Standing Oaks PUD: Peter Goodin reported that Mark Strain, head of the planning commission, suggested we do not go with the landscape medians for Oakes calming. The cost of the medians will cost approximately 1.1 million and the residents will have to pay for maintaining them. David Buchheit, from traffic calming, suggested we go with stamped, color dyed asphalt, because it's more effective than landscaping in his professional opinion. Two single courses of pavers can be inserted to look like a crosswalk at the north and south edges of each intersection. His studies have shown this type of traffic calming can slow traffic by 5-6 mph. Peter brought sample sheets of colored dyed asphalt for all to see, they were passed around. There was a question raised by Lisa Absher regarding the life of the product with truck traffic, cost of maintenance, and who would bear the financial burden for that maintenance. It was decided that the board would try to get these questions answered for a future meeting. It was also suggested if we want Oakes Blvd signs we will have design and pay for them and we can request for them to put in the right-of-way.

Noah Standridge made a motion to look into traffic calming design with Rich Yvonvich(?) before our next meeting. Denny Baker seconded and motion passed unanimously. Noah, Peter and Ron Joeckel said they would get together to arrange the meeting with Rich.

Oakes Residence Picnic: Lisa Absher reported she has reserved the 2nd pavilion at the Vineyards Park for Sat. Nov. 3rd, because the large one was already taken. With a show of hands we agreed to move the picnic day to Sunday, Nov. 4th because the availability of the large pavilion being available at the Vineyards Park would be desired. Noah Standridge and Tim Witherite are working on this event together and welcome anyone who would like to get involved.

Board of Director Nominations/Elections: All attendees present participated in electing the new slate of directors: Lisa Absher, John Nicola, Denny Baker, Jim Rice, Noah Standridge, Chuck Cannaday, Barbra Collins, Terry Iamurri, Karl Fry, Bob Walker, Ron Joeckel, Vinnie Panipinto and Tim Witherite.

Adjourn meeting at 7:57 p.m. motioned by Peter Goodin and seconded by John Nicola, motioned approved.

Following adjournment the new board nominated and voted to elect the following officers: Karl Fry - President, Denny Baker-Vice president, John Nicola-Treasurer, Terry Iamurri-Secretary and balance directors


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes from June 12, 2007

Directors Present: Lisa Absher, Peter Goodin, John, Nicola, Denny Baker, Jim Rice, and Terry Iamurri, meeting called to order at 7:10 p.m. with a quorum present.

Secretary's Minutes from May were approved by email. Lisa Absher said she would check with Chuck Cannaday to see if they got posted on the website.

Treasurer's Report: John Nicola reported nothing has changed, due to our waiving of dues for this year. Our balance remains at $7205.60

Old Business:

Annual Newsletter: Lisa Absher has drafted the newsletter to go out to all the residence of our community. She has asked that the entire board review and make any edits by Wednesday night. She will have it copied and in the mail on Thursday (14th) to our home owners.

Neighborhood Park: Jim Rice reported the design for the park is 99% complete. CDES permit application on 5/07 was rejected. Parks will re-submit a third application as soon as they receive revised plans from the consultant. SFWMD permit was also rejected, they will be re-submitting for the third time, too. Transportation will do the design for the crosswalk. Parks and Recreation will incorporate crosswalk location on the master plan and will install curb cuts during construction of SOL sidewalk. The developer for Target project will install the proposed crosswalk. This information came from Vicky Ahmad project manager with CCPR department.

Standing Oaks PUD: Peter Goodin ( Peter will summarize from his notes)

Embarq Box at Oakes and English Oaks: Denny Baker and Tim (?) both reported planting of landscape is on schedule between the end of June and the beginning of July.

First Congregational Church: Tim reported CCBC voted 5-0 approving the church. He reported they will before the county planning staff on Thursday. Then they will need approval of Golden Gate Estates Plans for conditional use.

New Business:

Nominations and Elections: Lisa Absher suggested that because so many people could be away on vacation or it's just a hardship to make the meeting we could make it easier to vote if we took votes by proxy. She would welcome them by email or written. Denny suggested the new elected board form a sub-committee to look into getting county water (not septic) for our Oakes Estates residences. The sub-committee could report back with what options we might have expenses and so on. Suggested time to form this committee would be August.

Oakes Canal: Peter Goodin informed us that South Water Management cleaned pipes for better drainage and moved the weir from the Vanderbilt area further down (north) for better flow.

Oakes Picnic- Picnic date was set for Nov. 3rd. Lisa Absher said she would check on reserving the large pavilion at the Vineyards Park for this event.

Adjourn meeting at 7:45 (?) motioned by Peter Gooodin and seconded by Jim Rice.

Respectfully submitted by;
Terry Iamurri



Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes from April 3, 2007

Directors present: Peter Goodin, Barb Collins, Terry Iamurri, Chuck Cannaday, Denny Baker, Jim Rice, Bob Walker, and Rob Corbett.

Meeting called to order at 7:04 p.m. with a quorum present.

Motion to approve March minutes by Bob and seconded by Chuck and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: was sent to board via e-mail yesterday from John who could not attend. Current cash balance as of 4/2/07 is $7,191.85. It was also reported that since we have not yet sent out the mailing reminder, membership is very low at this time. He stated he would provide an update at a later date.

Neighborhood Watch: Also as reported by John. We had our meeting with Cprl. Ray Erickson on 3/20 and it was a very productive meeting. Cprl. Erickson provided us with numerous ideas on how to secure our homes, our vehicles, our neighborhood and most importantly, ourselves. Cprl. Erickson ill be more than happy to come to one of our meetings, in the future to introduce the Neighborhood Watch Committee and summarize the program for everyone. I am hoping to tie his introduction meeting into our annual meeting for maximum exposure. The meeting as a tremendous success and I hope to have highlights and additional information to me (John) posted on our website soon.

Neighborhood Park: Jim reported that it is on hold for another month. It is back in the process to get approval again. Need 30 to 60 days for an environmental impact report. The boundaries are now smaller. Tony Roberto is now our contact person. The county will continue to maintain the property, mowing, etc. Eric Strickland from Kite development at Target has stated they will contribute $5,000 dollars for a crosswalk and a flashing light.

General Information: There have been two incidents of burglary in the Oakes area. We also have heard of a couple of instances of dog attacks. It was discussed and Denny made a motion and seconded by Karl ( did this get accepted?) to have e-mail blast to all on list to give neighborhood information pertaining to safety to all.

Traffic Calming: Three public safety committees to review traffic calming. It was stated that they hated the idea of Chicanes. At this point Oakes stays open. Bob Walker spoke With Chris Allen the developer from Standing Oaks PUD to see what they would be willing to do for any traffic calming.

New Business: There was mention of future four lanes on Oakes again even though we were told it was not on the twenty five year plan not long ago. Rumors of connecting our streets to Logan at this time not true. Logan and Immokalee proposed light deadline now moved to the 10th. Should be open temporarily for the landscapers to leave on. Meeting on 3/14/07 with Lisa, Peter, Bob, Karl John, and Noah with commissioner Henning and Mike Green, about moving the light to Valewood has been moved to June or July 2008 after Tarpon Bay restrictions removed. The reclassifying of Oakes to get traffic calming hinges on the light changes. Motion from Karl, seconded by Chuck, and approved to send a letter, from our board members to commissioner Henning and Norm Feeder to have that eventually happen.

It was discussed that the Standing Oakes PUD will have two center left turn lanes from two streets for access.
Ken and Carol Carter on Oakes Blvd. planted beautiful landscaping in front of the sidewalk near the street and have been told by the county that it has to be removed. Mitch Reilly, from county stated they did not have right ow way permit. The board decided to table the problem until the next meeting.

It was discussed that the signs that we have talked about getting at both ends of Oakes which would welcome everyone to Oakes Estates will not be done.

8:11p.m. Denny motioned to adjourn meeting seconded by Barb and approved.

Respectfully Submitted,
Barbara Collins


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes from March 6, 2007

Directors Present: Lisa Absher, Peter Goodin, John Nicola, Denny Baker, Jim Rice, Bob Walker, Noah Standridge and Terry Iamurri, meeting called to order at 7:04 p.m. with a quorum present.

Secretary’s report from Feb. approved.

Treasurer’s Report: John Nicola reported five deposits were made for a total of $125.00. Our current bank balance is $7481.25 after payment was made for the Oakes Blvd. plan fro $750.00.

Neighborhood Park: Jim Rice reported that the landscape plan and curbs for the park have been rejected. Any traffic calming will get postponed. He feels the longer it takes to develop the park, the less features or amenities we will get for the funds that have been set aside for the park.

Target update: Bob Walker said there is no update. They are still looking to open in August. Peter Goodin brought up we need to get with them about $5000. Target budgeted to build a crosswalk at Spanish Oaks.

Embarq: Peter Gooding believes they are still considering what kind of native plant they will use around the transformer and most likely won’t plant until June or July to get them established with our summer rains.

Church access Valewood Drive: Bob Walker spoke with Nolan and the church plans were rejected by growth management plan. Oakes advisory has given their approval of this church in a letter.

Standing Oaks PUD report: Peter Goodin, Noah Standridge, Lisa Absher and Bob Walker attended a follow up meeting 3/2/07 at Collier County Transportation Department as a result of the PUD neighborhood meeting held on 2/22/07. We met with representatives from RWA, Transportation, Traffic Calming, and the Developer. The meeting was to discuss the developers plans in more detail and transportation issues regarding Oakes Blvd.; including a timeline for transportation and traffic calming issues. The main point the members in attendance agreed upon as a result of the meeting "was a need to define the traffic calming for this project as well as access to our bike path before the quickly before the developer puts in new plan before the planning department next month". The traffic calming features from the developer were presented showing two entrances each with painted lines as turning medians and crosswalks at the intersections (as also presented in the PUD neighborhood meeting 2/22). Lisa Absher suggested using the drawings presented to developer from the Oakes advisory drawings (drawn by Rob Corbett and presented to the Developer prior to the neighborhood PUD meeting) and approved in our meetings previously as our position, that plan included thin short landscaped medians between avenues to slow traffic and landscape to keep a more rural visual appeal to the neighborhood. There was mention that these raised landscaped medians may cause a problem due to numerous driveways at each intersection. There was a suggestion by Mike Green to use 12” high speed tables at each street intersection as an alternative. Lisa questioned why the raised planted medians even if smaller couldn't be located midway between the avenues to correct the issue of multiple driveways at intersections if the medians were for traffic calming (visual interruption) not turning? There was also a question raised by traffic of the cross walks, since no sidewalks existed on the east side of Oakes, what would the crosswalks connect to? It seems we left with more questions than answers. But we all agreed the main problem seemed to be the timeline. The developers hope to submit their plans next month and it will need to include improvements at these intersections. But, additional traffic studies will not be completed until after Immokalee/Northbrooke(target) widening in 2007, Logan Blvd.&Vanderbilt Beach widening in 2008 and the possible light removal of Immokalee/Oakes in 2007-2008. Also not included in this study but should be mentioned is a possible light at Valewood in 2010. Lisa reminded the developers that this PUD development has a direct traffic impact to our "entire" neighborhood in that it can only be exited and entered through our "side residential" streets and then onto Oakes impacting our entire neighborhood and our only exit and entrance to our homes. Traffic mentioned that we may see drastic reductions in traffic when Vanderbilt and Logan are completed from cut through traffic. But we that it would only be replaced with more traffic from Target, hundreds of new homes in the PUD development, Vanderbilt/Vineyard traffic from the east to get to Target and Tarpon's traffic needing alternate access when the narrow Tarpon Blvd. gets too backed up from Target. There were some concerns overall from Bob Walker who offered to set up a meeting with commissioner Tom Henning and the planning department within the next 7-10 days to meet with us. Jim Rice made a motion for Bob to do that, it was seconded by Denny Baker and unanimous passed. Peter Goodin reminded us that we are still trying to get Oakes Blvd. reclassified as a residential road and our traffic calming is tied to it. It was also mentioned by Noah Standridge in tonight's meeting, that a strong showing of residents and a unified position regarding the PUD in the planning meeting would position of concerns more strongly in front of the planning department.

Immokalee extension removal of Oakes light: This will be a right in on Oakes Blvd. and a right out only when our light is removed. Lisa Absher reported that Don Scott was unsure of any plan for access from Autumn Oaks to Valewood for our neighborhood. If that intersection would be open it would not be open until 2010. Denny Baker suggested if this intersection at Valewood becomes a reality he would like to see a dedicated right turn only, along with the dedicated left turn lane.

Quarterly News Letter: Lisa Absher will have it ready to mail by Friday. It will include a list of current directors on the board and nominations of people who would like to be considered for the board. Elections will take place at the May meeting. Denny Baker offered to get a revised mailing list of the residence to Lisa. Lisa also suggested posting the annual meeting in the Collier Citizen with a press release and it was approved with no cost associated with the press release.

Neighborhood Watch Committee: John Nicola reported that Ray Ericson from the sheriffs has been assigned to give those that have signed up and any that are interested are welcome to join the training program. The dates for the training sessions will be Tues. March 20th and Tues., March 27th at North Naples Baptist Church from 7-9 p.m.

Adjourn meeting at 8:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Terry Iamurri.


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes February 6, 2007 Minutes

Directors Present: Lisa Absher, Jim Rice, Bob Walker, Rob Corbett, John Nicola, Chuck Cannaday, Terry Iamurri, Noah Standridge, and Barbara Collins. Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m. with a quorum present.

Minutes are up to date, motion to approve by Barb seconded by Chuck and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Current bank balance $8,106.25. We have collected $175.00 to date this year.

Neighborhood Park: Jim Rice reported that the permits should be done by the end of the month, then will start the bidding process. Tony Roberto is in charge of that project. It was suggested to ask Peter Goodin to ask for a speed bump on Spanish Oaks as it approaches Oakes, for traffic calming.

Old Business:

Traffic Calming project: Peter Goodin was unable to make the meeting for an update.

Logan extension: Update - the Conservancy protested the extension of GL Homes P.U.D. which would make GL Homes unable to finish the extension. That will not happen and the extension work continues. The traffic light has been delayed for WLM entrance to exit on Logan. Hidden Oaks entrance closing delayed until February. Bob Walker will look into that projected date for completion and when it is now scheduled to happen.

Target update: no report available

Embarq: Denny Baker has been in contact with Embarq and was told that they will take care of landscaping the transformers at the south end of Oakes.

First Congregational Church of Naples: Has not been approached by county to access Valewood Drive from Autumn Oaks. This may affect the possible light removal on Oakes and Immokalee. It was suggested that maybe Peter can question the county as to what the plans are.

Standing Oaks P U D: Noah Standridge talked about the Standing Oaks PUD. The developers are planning to keep the buildings one story next to neighbors and multi story facing I-75 and also planning landscaping buffers. Noah brought in illustrations from the developer to show elevations and plans. The developers and county are holding a neighborhood info meeting planned for February 22nd. There was discussion that we should let the developer know of our wants as a community. Chuck motioned to accept Robs plan "the plan" to be submitted to the neighborhood info committee before they officially met, that motion was seconded by Bob, accepted and approved. "The plans" were shown at several Oakes Advisory meeting throughout the year as options for traffic calming on Oakes Blvd. as a result of this new development. (See Plans Here)

New Business: New officers need to be considered for the next two years. Several board positions will become available or are up for renewal in March 2007. Lisa Absher - president, Peter Goodin - vice president, (he has asked to step down after this term), Rob Corbett - director (may not be available to continue next year), John Nicola - treasurer (willing to stay on as treasurer), Barbara Collins/Terry Iamurri - secretaries (willing to continue to share responsibilities as last year), Denny Baker - director, Chuck Cannaday - director, Jim Rice - director, and Bob Walker - director. Possible new or returning board members have expressed interest for consideration. Karl Fry (past president) interested in any board position available. Tim Witherite also expressed interest for consideration for board position.

Next meeting: Oakes Advisory annual meeting.

Website: Motion from Chuck and seconded by Barb for a flash link on the monthly newsletter to visit the website sponsors.

Possible south end of Oakes Fire station: Plans are moving along for the fire station at the southwest end of Oakes Blvd, through existing county channels of approval.

Neighborhood watch: At least 4 will go through the training. Working on getting the dates together to let the Sheriffs department know and plan the training sessions.

Adjourn meeting at 8:10 p.m. motioned by Bob Walker and seconded by Barb Collins

Respectfully submitted, Barbara Collins


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes January 2007 Minutes

Meeting held off church site due to locked facility. Meeting moved to 1921 Oakes Blvd. and called to order at 7:25.

Board Members present: Lisa Absher, Denny Baker, Peter Goodin, Noah Standridge, and Rob Corbett

Treasurer’s Report:  N/A

Secretary’s Report: Secretary not present.

Lisa Absher presented December minutes for approval and posting on web. Board approved Dec 2006 Minutes.

Old Business

Fire Station/LDC amendment: A copy of the LCD amendment that was presented at the BCC meeting in December was distributed at the meeting for review. It was noted that Residents within 1000 ft of proposed Fire House have been notified. The amendment was voted down 3-2 at last BCC meeting it needed a super Majority of 4 to pass. They will now need to apply for a conditional use if they wish to proceed. We would like to position an official statement of how our neighborhood would like to position conditional use for our next meeting.

Traffic Calming updates: Peter Goodin stated that we have taken all measures to place our inquiry to participating in Traffic calming project. It will now be up to County to take next steps to evaluate Logan traffic reduction as it effects Oakes (scheduled to be completed Sept 07) to see if Oakes qualifies for Traffic calming. If we continue to qualify we will need to present the project to the community for a 51% of residents for approval to proceed. We would like to have this community approval to the county by end of 2007 before 2008 budget plans. The county estimates the changes to cost a little over 1 million dollars (to include center islands, crosswalks, bus stops etc). We are negotiating and/or following through with developers in the Oakes area to see how incoming developers will impact and help with traffic calming impact solutions. ie; Target and Standing Oakes PUD. Lisa will look up previous minutes to Target impact solutions and bring to next meeting.

Standing Oakes PUD: Noah Standridge announce that the developer will be holding a meeting at RSW on Friday Jan 5th at 4:00 (located at airport and trade center way). Changes were made to North side of property for Environment use. Reduction of units were a result of this change.

State Protected Species: Denny Baker has brought to our attention that a state protected species of fox squirrels (Sherman or Cypress fox Squirrel) have been identified in our community on English Oakes. Should we be concerned as a community to the impact on the species as a result of the standing Oakes PUD and surrounding development in our area. Denny will send a photo of the species for identification near resident homes please contact Lisa Absher ( or Denny Baker ( if found these squirrels on additional streets.

Logan Extension and Time line for WLM property entrance: Peter Goodin has checked with Commissioner Henning to restate the need for a speedy opening. There seems to be delays with FPL and WLM entrance to Immokalee.

Embark Station: Denny has been in contact with Embarq and they are willing to landscape the area. Peter has volunteered to aquire a list of low maintenance and irrigation free planting for the location for Denny to provide to Embarq. Ms. McGee of Embarq stated that Embarq will maintain the area and repair open doors.

First Congregational Church of Naples/ PUD zoning change meeting: Dr. Les Wicker Pastor of the church has informed the meeting that the county will be holding a neighborhood zoning change informational meeting Thursday at 5:30 at the Church located on Oakes for Neighborhood feedback. This church will be located on Immokalee and is part of Oakes Community request for right of way access (Valewood) from Autumn Oakes to Immokalee Rd. The church has requested that those who are interested should attend.

Motion to ajourn meeting called by Denny Baker seconded by Noah Standridge


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