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Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes December 5, 2006

Directors Present:

Peter Goodin, Jim Rice, Bob Walker, Terry Iamurri, Chuck Cannaday, John Nicola, and Denny Baker meeting called to order at 8:08 p.m. with a quorum present.

Secretary’s report: Bob Walker motioned to approve the November minutes it was seconded by Jim Rice, and accepted. Peter suggested for all board to read the minutes from e-mail to amend and motion once you’ve read them via e-mail “reply to all”.

Treasurer’s report: John Nicola reported bank balance is $7,881.25. We have 88 paid members, 2 new members this past month.

New Business: Chief Karl Reynolds of North Naples Fire District visited prior to our meeting to discuss the new proposed fire house station on the NW corner of Vanderbilt and Oakes Blvd. Peter Goodin shared with us that Mark Strain does not believe the fire station will be approved by BBC due to the conditional use code. Jim Rice made a motion that our board take a stand against the Land Development Code amendment request that fire dept. needs for this property. It was seconded by John Nicola and approved. Denny Baker suggested that Peter talk with commissioner Tom Henning regarding tapping into our purple pipes (grey water) at the top of each street along Oakes Blvd. for a water (fire) hydrant placement.

The board advised the Fire District representatives of our strong intent to have Oakes Blvd. reclassified from a “collector road” to a residential road and made it clear that we would oppose the Fire District in any way slowing down or opposing our #1 priority and commitment to our community. We briefly discussed with them that we may consider imposing conditions on their site in our neighborhood and they said that they would consider them. We also told them of our intentions to have the Transportation Dept. place the necessary objects and configurations on Oakes Blvd. to slow the traffic.

Old Business:

Denny Baker questioned if Rob Corbitt was ever paid for the study he did. John Nicola said Rob has not requested any funds. The board approved up to $800.00 for the study.

Oakes Neighborhood Park: Jim Rice reported at this time the parks and recreation department have a new gentleman that will be working with us. He wasn’t sure if the fishing platform would be approved.

Neighborhood Watch Program: John Nicola reported all volunteers have been contacted by him to see when would be convenient for the 4 hour training session with sheriff’s department. He is waiting to hear back which schedule they would like, one – 4hr., two -2hr., or four 1hr. sessions.

Bob Walker offered that Roland from the First Congregational Church of Naples is working with Nick from the county regarding the land easement for the access from Autumn Oakes to Valewood. It was being staked out by the county to see how much they would need. If it is going to be 75ft. that it is more than the church is willing to give up, the county will most likely have to go to the adjacent neighbor for the land.

Phone Equipment – English Oaks & Oakes Blvd. Denny Baker has finally been able to get through to Embarq to see if they can improve the appearance of the eyesore.

Standing Oakes PUD – Noah reported to Peter that they have closed on purchasing the property. The now planned units will be 165 units down from 216 units because of fewer developing acres.

Adjourn meeting at 8:40 p.m. motioned by Bob Walker and seconded by Jim Rice motion approved.

Respectfully submitted,
Terry Iamurri

Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes from November 7, 2006

Directors Present: Lisa Absher, Peter Goodin, John Nicola, Denny Baker, Jim Rice, Bob Walker, Rob Corbitt and Barbara Collins.

Meeting called to order at 7:50 p.m. with a quorum present.

Treasurer’s Report: Current bank balance $7,831.25

Secretary’s Report: Lisa Absher made a motion to approve the Oct 3rd Minutes, Peter Goodin seconded, motion accepted.

7:00 P.M. meeting was pushed back to have the meeting with Phil Cross, Hole Montes project administrator (941) 232-2613. It was discussed that the access to Hidden Oaks from Logan is temporary , that there was a delay from FPL to finish the signal on Immokalee Rd. and won’t be finished until February 2007. Nick Casalanguida, Planning manager for the transportation division of Collier County, 417-6064 has assured us that any changes concerning the light at Oakes Blvd. and Immokalee road will not change until there is a light and access to Immokalee road from the proposed light at Valewood Drive, and David Bucheit, 213-5834 head of traffic calming for Collier County discussed options for traffic calming on Oakes Blvd. that will be available to us when the light at Valewood Drive and Immokalee are finished.

Neighborhood Park: Jim Rice reported that there will be a meeting to talk about any changes and then will be going to bidding and permit.

New Business: It was discussed that the property and home at the S.W. corner of Oakes Blvd and Vanderbilt Road, across from Kay Homes model home, is looking to be a new fire station. It was discussed that we support the change because of our lack of fire hydrants in the neighborhoods. It will be coming to a vote on December. Any other discussion will be finished online with the board members.

Adjourn meeting at 9:12 p.m. motioned by Bob Walker and seconded by Peter Goodin

Respectfully submitted
Barbara Collins


Board of Directors Meeting
Minutes for October 3, 2006

Directors Present:

Lisa Absher, Peter Goodin, John Nicola, Denny Baker, Jim Rice, Bob Walker, Rob Corbitt and Terry Iamurri, meeting called to order at 7:06 p.m. with a quorum present.

Treasurer’s Report: We currently have 86 paid members. We had 110 at this same time last year. Our current bank balance is $7831.25

Secretary’s Report: Lisa Absher made a motion to approve the Sept.5th minutes and John Nicola seconded, motion was accepted.

Traffic Calming: Peter Goodin spoke that county was quick in putting down the rubber strips on Oakes Blvd. to take a traffic analysis. The report from transportation revealed that 85% of the vehicles are traveling at 50mph on Oakes Blvd. Transportation suggests that many residents in the area are contributing to that speed due to familiarity to the road. Peter Goodin suggested at our Nov. meeting we host David Bucheight the head of the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program and spend the first hour of our meeting discussing traffic calming with all interested residents. The plans that Rob Corbitt has done could be incorporated into this meeting. Peter Goodin suggested this is a great way for everyone to get involved in open discussion, ideas, to resolve traffic that impacts our entire neighborhood. A good turn out of residence by our community might convince the county of our seriousness. Jim Rice made a motion to have a postcard sent to all residence alerting and inviting them to come to the Nov. meeting. Peter Goodin seconded and the motion was accepted.

Neighborhood Park: Jim Rice reported that there will be a meeting about the Oakes Blvd Park at the new regional water park administration building off Livingston Road on Thursday, Oct. 12th at 6:00 p.m. just to okay the plan. Permitting and bidding will take approximately 6-8 months.

Drainage & Flooding: Lisa Absher reported she has received 8 e-mails regarding flooding at the ends of the lanes (streets). Some residence feeling that that subdivision of Saturnia Lakes has impacted this problem. Hidden Oaks and Spanish Oaks seem to be of most concern. Peter Goodin suggested that Jerry Kurtz from the county storm water department could come out and survey problem areas. The county has recently amended the Logan extension plans to extend the drainage culverts near the end of Hidden Oaks to the west edge of the right of way to ensure that no water from the R.O.W. runs west to make a wet area wetter. In order to keep the roads dry it may be necessary to identify failed culverts. It may involve shooting or doing a 3line profile of some (residences) culverts to get water to flow. This is not to be a burden or be un-neighborly of the advisory committee to any our residence.

Bob Walker presented a copy of a letter from Colin Walker, Sent a letter to all residence on Hidden Oaks explaining his situation with his company’s (WLM - Workaholics Landscape Management) property, trucks, access to and from his property by his commercial vehicles and his employees personal ones. This was a courteous and apologetic letter of his temporary inconvenience to all the residences informing them of his situation. Following is an overview of Colin Walker's letter; if residents see any WLM trucks driving in an unprofessional manner that they are to notify WLM immediately with a description of the vehicle and/or license number. His company would take care of the issue immediately in an effort to halt any future incidents. The complete letter will be available for review at our monthly meetings. (Lisa Absher searched for company telephone number in yellow pages for a number to contact WLM call (239) 591-3853 after meeting )

Neighborhood Watch Committee: John Nicola met with committee to set time to meet. 

Adjourn meeting at 7:55 p.m. motioned by John Nicola and seconded by Bob Walker.

Respectfully submitted,
Terry Iamurri


Board of Directors Meeting
Minutes for September 5, 2006

Directors Present:

Lisa Absher, Peter Goodin, Jim Rice, Bob Walker, Terry Iamurri and Rob Corbett, meeting called to order at 7:04 p.m. with a quorum present.

Secretary’s report was approved, with the paragraph with under Old business amended to be amended to not include the word hurricane Wilma. Lisa Absher motioned to approve the amended August minutes it was seconded by Jim Rice, and accepted.

Treasurer’s report was read by Lisa Absher in John Nicola’s absences. As of 9/5/06 balance is $7,506.25. He is still working with Fifth/Third bank to have all of the $50.00 service charges reversed. To date, 4 of the 5 have been reversed; he is following up on the latest charge. As of 9/5/06 we have 79 paid members compared to 110 at this same time last year.

Old Business:

Traffic Calming: Peter Goodin reported we will now qualify for an official speed study to be done on Oakes Blvd. The Oakes Advisory board collecting a minimum of 41 signature’s needed on a petition that will now be given to the county. It will take a month for them to do the study.

Oakes Neighborhood Park: Jim Rice reported at this time the parks and recreation department are losing some staff. This is holding up the 30% managed design phase. He did report the county will be putting in a new culvert to be installed for a new road (this road is for maintenance only and will be gated). They will be installing playground equipment in the future. A picture was taken at the park on Sat. Aug. 12th with a few neighbors and will be put on our website and will also appear in the Collier Citizen paper.

Neighborhood Watch Program: Lisa Absher reported for John Nicola that all volunteers should contact him to schedule a time that would be convenient for the 4 hour training session with sheriff’s department.

First Congregational Church of Naples: Lisa Absher had received a letter from the church asking us to give permission to them for building easement (road) she was unclear why the church would want this from us. Bob Walker offered to contact them to get clarity of the letter they would like from our association.

Neighborhood Entry Signs: Lisa Absher presented a couple of design drawings to possibly be considered for the north and south entrances to Oakes Blvd.

New Business:

Construction impact on Hidden Oaks neighborhood: Much discussion from neighbors on Hidden Oaks regarding Colin Walkers lawn maintenance business causing traffic impact and other problems. It was motioned by Bob Walker to visit Colin and ask for him to consider using a different access for his business vehicles. Seconded by Terry Iamurri and approved forwarded by 3 of the board.

Possible Vanderbilt construction decrease drainage issue: Lisa Absher addressed that numerous people from our neighborhood (Bur & Hidden Oaks) as well as people from Island Walk and the Cove sub divisions have called or e-mailed her regarding drainage problems. She and Peter Goodin relayed how units 96 & 97 are suppose to drain, but don’t. Peter acknowledged that we may get the county to come out and have a laser survey of our culverts done but it will mean some non-conforming culverts might need to be replaced. Lisa Absher reminded them too that many roads have been under water in the estates and the county has just opened all the weirs to try to alleviate this standing water problem.

Adjourn meeting at 8:09 p.m. motioned by Peter Goodin and seconded by Terry Iamurri motion approved.

Respectfully submitted,
Terry Iamurri



Board of Directors Meeting
Minutes for August 1, 2006

Directors Present:

Lisa Absher, Peter Goodin, John Nicola, Chuck Cannaday and Terry Iamurri, meeting called to order at 7:16 p.m. with a quorum present. 

Reviewed and proof read letter to go out to all Oakes residents, regarding the removal of traffic light at Oakes & Immokalee roads. This letter contains the details of the proposal for access points at Tarpon Bay Blvd., Oakes Blvd., and Autumn Oakes at Valewood onto Immokalee Road. No changes to the letter were recommended.

Review of the letter to Norm Feder, Lisa Absher recommended the opening paragraph needs to state that the county's June 15th plan is not workable for our neighborhood, to clarify our stand on this. No other changes were recommended.

Peter Goodin spoke to Dave Bucheit in neighborhood traffic management program at the county. We will be circulating a petition for a speed study to be done of Oakes Blvd. The next petition will be to implement traffic calming devices such as lower speed limits and crosswalks at each avenue with lighted strips in road were suggested by Peter Goodin. Peter has also checked with the transportation department the data on the stoplights on Immokalee Road between 951 and I-75 has been sent to an independent contractor for analysis. It is due back in September.

On Saturday, August 19th, we would like to do a litter pickup of Oakes Blvd. by as many homeowners and their children as possible. It was requested that all board members try to enlist as many families as possible. With all ending up at the new neighborhood park by 9:30 a.m. with their litter bags for photo shoot. Lisa Absher offered to take the photo and post it with Naples Daily News and given to Chuck Cannaday to be posted on our website. 

Old business - entrance signs for Oakes Blvd. would help establish us as a true neighborhood. Faith Bible Church on Immokalee Road has granted us easement of right of way for the sign. Lisa Absher brought up that the new county code book for such signs has gotten much stricter. Lisa said she has been in touch with a company who would design the sign for us free of charge. Cost to buy, install and maintain the sign would come out of our general fund. Peter Gooding felt homeowners may need to be notified of this. He also asks that Lisa bring the county code book to one of the next homeowners meetings for us to review.

John Nicola gave the treasurer's report as of 8/1/06, $7281.25 with 75 homeowners paid for this year. It was suggested to have a form the day of the litter pickup to remind homeowners to pay dues.

Respectfully submitted Terry Iamurri


Board of Directors Meeting
Minutes for July 11, 2006

Directors Present:

Lisa Absher, Peter Goodin, Jim Rice, John Nicola, Denny Baker and Terry Iamurri. 

Meeting called to order at 7:12 p.m., with a quorum present. Jim Rice moved to approve May minutes; Peter Goodin seconded, and accepted. No June minutes because there was not a quorum.

Light at Oakes Blvd: Discussion regarding the proposal to remove the light at Oakes and Immokalee by the county traffic department. Rob Corbett's proposed design from Oakes on into Autumn Oakes and turning to have a light at Valewood and Immokalee Roads. One lane coming into Oakes and two lanes going out on Immokalee. Denny Baker made a motion for Peter Goodin and Lisa Absher to ask Chuck Canaday to put this "new" design on the web site for residence of the Oakes community to see. John Nicola seconded, majority approved, one against. The county road and traffic presentation shows only access in Immokalee road with a light through Tarpon Bay Blvd. There will only be right hand turns only at Immokalee and Oakes.
With much discussion the majority of the residence at this meeting would like to see all (3) openings onto Immokalee Road for access. It was approved for Peter to write a letter to the county for them to consider Rob Corbett's alternate route plan onto Autumn Oakes. Dick Ennis brought up that we might propose to the county that Quail Creek and Longshore Lakes get a back exit out of their communities directly onto Logan Blvd. Extension alleviating more traffic coming unto Oakes Blvd. It was deemed necessary to react and respond to all the above as soon as we can because the transportation department is doing a study that will be presented in September.

Traffic Calming on Oakes Blvd: Proposing teardrop medians with a single tree and low ground cover, such as junipers for plants in them. Crosswalks, sidewalks, on east side of Oakes and rumble strips added to roadway. Peter Goodin made a motion to apply for an analysis of the above, Jim Rice seconded and accepted.

Standing Oaks PUD development update: Lisa Absher read a letter from Noah Standridge wanting any new input or changes we might want to present regarding this PUD. It was agreed, the details we outlined in March 7, 2006 minutes was an accurate detail of the density, set backs, height restrictions, sidewalks and buffers we would like to see. See notes under snake farm for details.

Oakes neighborhood park: Jim Rice noted the new county sign was installed. Clearing of all non-native plant species removed. A 30% design plan is in the works and will be forth coming. It was decided we will have a Oakes Blvd roadside litter pick-up (with vests and pick-up sticks) on Saturday, August 12th getting the neighborhood involved, having Rob Corbett's proposed plan available for residence to see possible Oakes/Immokalee Road corridors. Lisa offered to coordinate calling the press to get some publicity (Naples Daily, Collier Citizen & Sun).

Target Updates: Clearing in the final phases. Improvements to come on Spanish Oakes Lane will be a crosswalk and a flashing light on Oakes and Spanish Oakes before they open.

I75 Ramp (Exit 111 North Bound): Price has tripled to be built by 2008.

Neighborhood Watch: John Nicola has got his 5 volunteers; he's waiting to coordinate a time when all can be available to have the Sheriffs Department do any informal meeting about the program.

North Naples Baptist: got approval for a lighted entrance sign, providing it meets county code.

Treasurers Report: John Nicola reported no new members, balance is $7,156.25. Current members are 71. He reported that Fifth/Third Bank has changed policy regarding are not for profit status and has started charging us a $50.00 per month service charge which he is in the process of trying to get waived.

Denny Baker motioned to adjourn seconded by John Nicola at 8:26 p.m. and approved.

Respectfully Submitted, 
Terry Iamurri, Director 


Board of Directors Meeting
Minutes for June 6, 2006


Approval of May meeting minutes



1. Reaction to the planned removal of the light at Oakes and Immokalee. Presentation of the Oakes Blvd plan developed by Rob Corbett - Peter Goodin and John Nicola.
2. Traffic Calming on Oakes Blvd. - Peter Goodin
3. Standing Oaks PUD development update: Noah Standridge
4. Park Update - Jim Rice
5. Roadside cleanup on Oakes? (trash along sidewalk and street)
6. Target updates:
7. I75 ramp updates ( Exit 111 North Bound):
8. Neighborhood watch updates
9. Church Lighted sign: The Norht Naples Baptist Church would like to put in a permit for a lighted entrance sign (in following the county codes). It seems that the entrance is frequently passed by at night meetings. They would like to have our neighborhood feedback before going to the county for a permit.




Board of Directors Meeting
Minutes for May 2, 2006

Directors present:

Peter Goodin, Barb Collins, Jim Rice, John Nicola, Denny Baker, Rob Corbett. Meeting called to order at 7:06 p.m., with a quorum present. Total of 14 people attending. Move to approach March minutes, and accepted, move to approve April minutes and accepted.

Treasurer's report: John Nicola - deposited $400.00
Total: $ 7,176.53. Year to date we have 68 members compared to 97 at this time last year.

Standing Oaks Subdivision: Noah Standridge met with developer Chris Allen about the zoning concerns with the proposed development. They have a possible 213 units but expect to go with less. It is not clear when it may be taken to the county, but the developer is looking to maintain a good relationship with the Oakes Estates community. Our goals include lower density, one-story dwellings facing OAKES Blvd and adjacent homes and increased buffers surrounding the project. It is hope by the next month we will have more information. It was discussed that we would go forwards calling it the standing Oaks development, not the Snake Farm development.

Light at Oakes Blvd: Rob gave a presentation, with Arial views showing the possibilities for diverting Oakes Blvd onto Autumn Oakes and turning to have one light at Valewood Drive on to Immokalee Rd. It was discussed with representation from the church on the southwest corner of Oakes the possibility of making the right turn off of Immokalee that is there to stop with a dead cul de sac for the access of churches on both sides. The change would possibly give (Oakes Estates the neighborhood status we need for lowering the speed limit from 45 to 35. There was also another discussion concerning traffic calming solutions to be included in the presentation to the county. 1. Speed bumps, 2. Speed humps, 3. Stop signs, 4. Roundabout, 5. Teardrops, possible stoop sign or flashing light on Spanish Oaks for the park-walking traffic.

There was a motion from John and seconded by Barb to form a committee to take an updated plan to Norm Feeder at the county. The committee will consist of Rob, Noah, and the representatives of both churches. It was agreed to submit a master plan of Oakes Blvd when the committee meets with Norm Feeder and the commissioner Henning. There was a motion for Denny, seconded by Barb and approved to reimburse Rob for his work and to fund further plans to redesign Oakes Blvd master plan. There was a cap of $800.00 put on to the payments to Rob or the firm Rob is using for the drawings. We agreed to ask the developer of Standing Oaks to make a substantial contribution to our master plan expenses to enhance our relationship to a mutually satisfactory agreement to their SDP (site development plan).

Neighborhood Park: Jim gave a report stating that the county has cleaned up all the exotics, and mowed around the drainage ditch. It is now in discussion to get the sign, which we want to say Oakes Neighborhood Park. It is going for petition on 5/9/06 and Jim will be they're asking for the county to waive any objection to the sign staying as we have asked. The park will be a great addition to the neighborhood, and has come in under budget. Fishing will be available on the back part of the park.

Neighborhood Watch: John Nicola signed up two new volunteers for starting up the neighborhood watch. Noah Standridge and Gorana Curkovic.

Proposed Target: Major clearing on the proposed Target site is now going on.

It was discussed that there will be a committee to get the trash on Oakes Blvd cleaned up. Jim Rice has equipment for cleanup and will be discussed at the next meeting.

Thanks to Terry Iamurri for taking over the task of secretary for the summer.

Motion by Peter to adjourn seconded by Barb at 8:15 p.m. and voted.

Respectfully Submitted, 
Barb Collins, Secretary


Board of Directors Meeting
Minutes for April 4, 2006

Prior to calling the meeting to order, Collier County Transportation employee Norm Feeder spoke to the estimated 45 attendees.

Items Discussed:
  • The contract for the Immokalee road design for the portion from CR951 to just East of I75 has been let.
  • On April 11th, GL Homes is going before the BOCC for approval of the Logan Rd extension. The initial portion of the extension will be for 2 lanes, not 4 lanes. Norm expects the work to be completed in approximately 1 year. No streets on the east ends of the roads will connect to the extension.
  • Removal of the light at Oakes and Immokalee. Due to the number of traffic lights, 8 in about a mile and a half stretch and the stacking of cars this, the design will take into account removing/relocating a number of lights along Immokalee Rd.
  • Two possible options are removing the light at Oakes and Immokalee and making the light at Valewood & Immokalee.
  • Possible solution of removing the light at Oakes and Immokalee and making the light at Valewood a new four way light with access to Oakes off of Autumn Oakes (24th Ave). The initial idea would be to add lanes from Immokalee south through the lots along the northern side of Autumn Oaks and connect the lanes to Autumn Oakes. This would occur approximately 1,000 feet east of the current intersection of Autumn Oakes and Oakes Blvd.
  • By allowing this, the County may be willing to assist us at attaining some goals for the neighborhood including reducing the speed limit on Oakes, adding crosswalks, adding school bus waiting areas for our children, re-classifying Oakes to a residential street, installing traffic calming devices along Oakes and lower traffic volumes along Oakes.
  • Nothing has been finalized yet so Norm has asked for our input in the design portion of the roadwork project.

Questions from the attendees:

  • Sidewalks on both sides of Oakes? Response: probably not feasible due to lack of right of way along east side of Oakes.
  • Residents on Autumn Oakes are concerned about traffic on their street. Response: The increase traffic will only be a small portion of the street on the far Western end of the street when not many residences are not currently built. Norm understands their concern.
  • Concern from the residents of Quail Creek cutting through on Oakes. Response: Norm believes many residents of Quail Creek wi8ll take either the new Logan extension or Livingston Rd to access southern Collier County. He does not believe many will use Oakes Blvd.
  • Can Oakes handle the "Snake Farm" development? Response: from a pure traffic volume standpoint, YES the road can handle the development of approximately 217 units. Norm suggested that should the development come to fruition, we, as a community, should take the opportunity to address some of our goals for the neighborhood up with the developer to determine if they are willing to pay for the costs of any of the improvement.
  • Lengthy discussion of traffic calming devices, round about, tear drops, chicanes, pork chops or road humps, they are the least costly, but also the least effective and most dangerous.
  • Norm also said that a new employee, David, has replaced Don Schneider and he works under Don Scott.
  • Budget for traffic calming through the county is $250,000. It is very difficult to make an equitable distribution throughout the county so Oakes would not be receiving a significant portion of the budget.
  • Norm agreed that the traffic situation along Immokalee is dire and he believes it will not change much until the 6 lanes on Immokalee are created and the "loop" is in at I75. The land for the loop is now deeded to the state and the county is trying to get the state to act quickly on the project. He expects the loop to be completed about 1 - 2 years after the completion of the six lanes and the Target is open. The Target work is expected to begin shortly with a completion time of approximately 12 months.
  • Norm is unsure if the light at Oakes will remain or if it will remain through the roadwork project on Immokalee. He will consider keeping the light.
  • Norm strongly suggested that a small group of us work with the transportation department on the designing of the road.


Meeting was called to order by president Lisa Absher at 7:55 pm and a quorum of board members was present.

Secretary, Barbara Collins was not present; minutes from February's meeting were not approved. They will be approved at May's meeting along with the minutes from the April meeting.

Treasurer, John Nicola reported that the current cash balance is $6,822.89 and the current paid members of this meeting is 55 and the deposit was $1,400.00

Neighborhood Park, Jim Rice provided the following update: The clearing has begun for the park and is expected to be completed in about 1 week. In the next 2-4 weeks, a sign will be going up identifying the park. The park area will encompass approximately 1 of the total 5-acre site. We would like to provide details for this at the next meeting and on the association's website,, so keep a lookout for the date. Also the county will maintain the drainage ditch and quite possibly this will help improve drainage along the east side of Oakes Blvd.

Neighborhood Watch, John Nicola provided the following update: The neighborhood watch program is still trying to obtain a few more members. The committee will be comprised of John, as the chairman, and at least 5 volunteers who are willing to attend a 4-hour training session with the Collier County Sheriffs Department. At this time we have 3 total volunteers and we ask that anyone interested in joining go to the website and e-mail John.

Development Issues/Snake Farm: Noah Standridge provided the following: The entrance & exit will be via Standing Oaks and Shady Oaks. The development will be approximately 217 units or 4 units per acre (54 acres). The buffer is estimated to be only 20' and the building height is proposed to be a minimum of 40' along the neighboring properties to the north and the east, the southern end will be compromised of the preserve area for the development (total of 7 homes are to be affected). The proposed buyer, Chris Allen, would like our input and Noah is proposing a meeting with the designers to incorporate some of our issues/ideas in the plan. Problems: transportation, property values, building height, buffers, etc. Anyone interested in meeting with the design team e-mail Noah.

New Business:

North Naples Baptist Church would like to illuminate their signs so it is easier to see the property entrances in the evening. The lighting will be per the very strict Collier County Code and we assume it is "up lighting" and not for a full illuminated sign.

Jim Rice made a motion to send a letter to the church in support of "up lighting" and the motion was seconded by Chuck Cannaday.

A motion to adjourn was made at 8:50 pm and it was seconded. 


Oakes Estates Advisory, Inc.
Board of Directors Meeting
March 7, 2006


Directors present:
Lisa Absher, Peter Goodin, Barb Collins, Jim Rice, 
Karl Fry, Bob Walker, John Nicola, Chuck Cannaday.

Snake Farm: Presentation given by Bob Mulhire, consultant, Edward Finn, and Richard Yovanovich concerning plans for development of Snake Farm property into multi-family development. The county requires developers to meet and give information to neighborhood groups concerning future plans before they can go to the county for review. They have submitted application for review for re-zoning. This process is about seven to eight months out. There are 54 acres and the plans are for four units per acre. Sixteen acres will be designated native preserve. With a retention lake. It was discussed our many concerns about the traffic impact, with access only on Standing and Shady Oaks. Developer Chris Allen was also there to give assurances as to working with Oakes Estates neighborhood. 

The meeting was called to order at 7:55 p.m. with a quorum of the board present. Lisa Absher, President presiding. There was a larger than normal amount of people in attendance for the annual meeting. 

Minutes: There will be a delay in the approval of the February minutes until the April meeting.

Treasurers report: Given by John Nicola, balance $5,723.54. 

Neighborhood Park: Jim Rice presented that in a couple of weeks the county would start clearing and a community park sign would be put in.

Neighborhood Watch: John Nicola proposed signing of volunteers for the neighborhood watch. We need four to five other people to go to the meetings, which is four one hour sessions or one four hour session to complete training with the Collier County Sheriffs Department. Sign up is suggested. 

Proposed Target: Karl Fry stated about a month ago Kite development notified him that they received the panther permit. Still need the Army Corps of Engineers and SW Florida Water Management District permits. It is assured that Target is still planning to open during Spring 2007. 

Old Business: 

Peter Goodin again stated that the 2030 25-year long-range plan no longer includes expansion of Oakes Blvd. from 2 to 4 lanes.

The strongest response, overwhelmingly, no matter who the buyer was to keep the same density as the Oakes neighborhood. If it was rezoned, the impact would need to be lessened because the entry would be through a residential street unlike the Tarpon Bay entry of Immokalee Rd. The two proposed entry-exit points would be in the center of our neighborhood during peak traffic times and crossing a walk-bike path. The biggest traffic areas foreseen would be left turns from the south-east lanes from Oakes into the new development. This could back up traffic on Oakes with cars unable to go forward until line of cars turn left. There would also be traffic backup from the new gatehouse exiting the west side streets of Oakes, perhaps lining up in front of residential homes on the side street. The response was to ask for a drastic reduction to the proposed 4 units per acre to at least two per acre to be more in line with the density of our neighborhood. A question was raised that if the property were to be rezoned could it be sold to new builders instead of the group making the presentation. The answer was yes. But we were told the new builders would have to follow the same restrictions agreed upon for approval of this rezoning. It was also raised could this become affordable housing project with even more density, if sold to other buyers. It could was the response. In fact the seller mentioned that there were two other potential buyers looking for this option. Secondary there was discussion for bigger setbacks and more landscaping for properties that back up to the new development. Regarding building height the majority of residents wanted maximum one story homes, but would look at options of two story only on the north, south and east side of the development. There was also discussion if three stories needed approval it should only be allowed on the west side of development near I-75. Majority would prefer single family homes. Roundabouts were suggested for traffic control on Standing and Shady Oaks to help with traffic control. Peter Goodin moved and Jim Rice seconded to form a development committee. Voted on and passed. Four residents, some with direct impact from the new development volunteered to work on the committee. David Clayden, Robin Matheson, Gary Pickle, Terry Ianurri.

New Business 

Rental Homes: Proposed rule changes concerning rental homes on our properties. Will be voting April meeting of commissioners. Transportation planning opposed to further rental homes. No motion to attend the meeting.

2006 agenda for the board: The light at Immokalee will be addressed by Don Scott at the next meeting. Also on agenda, School Bus stops, traffic control. Bob Walker: Don Scott agreed to come to the April Meeting concerning plans for our neighborhood. 

Motion by Chuck to adjorn seconded by Barb 8:32p.m. and voted.

Respectfully Submitted,
Barb Collins, Secretary


Oakes Estates Advisory, Inc.
Board of Directors Meeting
February 7, 2006

Directors present:
Lisa Absher, Peter Goodin, Barb Collins, Jim Rice, Karl Fry, Bob Walker, John Nicola.

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 with a quorum of the board present. Lisa Absher, President presiding. There were 14 total people attending the meeting.

Minutes: December minutes were approved.

Treasurers report: Given by John Nicola, balance $5,716.63. We had 111 members in 2005 and 123 members in 2004.

Membership issues: Addressed by Peter Goodin. Karl Frye stepping down from the board. Jantina Clayden will be advised in writing that her name will removed from the board as she has not been to any meetings and no response has been given from her. We will need to replace three board members next meeting.

Old Business: Bob Walker met with Mark Strain of the planning commission concerning the issue of development and re-zoning of snake farm to multifamily use. It was discussed as how do we as a neighborhood want to approach it. Chris Allen is the purchaser and developer of the property at the end of Standing Oaks Lane. They want 216 units and it will not have any exit onto any road except Oakes Blvd. Our best argument explaining 216 new residents in a development that is essentially zoned Golden Gate Estates is a conflict. It was revealed that the 20-30 year out plan has taken Oakes Blvd. off of four-lane plan. Karl made a motion and seconded by Peter to write letters to Chris Allen and Commissioner Henning to speak our next meeting.

Neighborhood Park: Update from Jim Rice. The park could take from 2-3 years to complete. Parks and recreation will go to the site within 60 days and clear the exotic trees and put up a sign to establish that it will be a park fro the Oakes Estates community. It is hoped that that activity will help with traffic calming. It was discussed that we can possible uses old equipment from Fleishman Park, not being used which will save considerable money on new equipment. 

Neighborhood Watch: John Nicola gave an update that the county recommended that we move toward a neighborhood watch with the changes moving toward our community park. The Sheriffs department has a program for training. It was moved by Barb and seconded by Peter and approved that information will be posted on the Oakes Estates Advisory web site for training sessions. It can be achieved in one four hour session or four one hour sessions. It will again be addressed at the annual meeting.

Proposed Target: It was discussed that the permitting for the Target store might expire. We will try to get an update as to any new information regarding the status.

Bob Walker: Update concerning Quail Creek Homeowners Association. They would like to meet with us concerning combined efforts of traffic problems. It was decided we would extend an invitation to their president to come to our next meeting to discuss. 

It was discussed that we do not want an overlay of the neighborhood done at this time. This will be addressed at the proposed meeting with commissioner Henning.

Ken Hess of the Faith Bible Church has informed us that it will take 3-4 years to get their proposed parking and building done. Discussion of 50 setback off of Oakes and if that is what was agreed to by us. Bob Walker will get clarification of what that exactly means. 

Annual Meeting: Will be the first Tuesday in March in the auditorium at 7P.M.

Peter moved and seconded by John to adjourn the meeting at 8:12 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,
Barb Collins, Secretary

Oakes Estates Advisory, Inc.
Board of Directors Meeting
January 3, 2005

Directors present



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