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Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association - A Family Neighborhood

Oakes Estates Advisory, Inc.
PO Box 111046
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        "For the Betterment of Our Community"

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Attention Oakes Estates Residences
North Naples Baptist Church will now accept any clothing or household items you would like to donate. These items may be dropped off the first Saturday of the month between 9:00-noon. These items will be donated back into our (Collier) community
NNBC Website



Securing your Garbage from Bears & How to Retrofit


Waste Management Rules for Yard Waste Pickup
"32 gallon or less container will be picked up or the items can be bundled, or in a Kraft bag. (containers or bags must weigh less than 50 lbs. Items cannot stick up more than 12 inches front he top of the can."



The Collier County Sheriff's Office offers the following suggestions to help you create a family safety plan:

- It is important to activate security measures especially when you are home.

  - Lock your doors and window
  - Always set your alarm
  - Keep your outside lights on
  - Close blinds and curtains to prevent your routine from being observed
  - Increase the awareness of your surroundings

- It is important to utilize your video surveillance.

  - Make sure it is on and recording
  - Make sure the lens is clean and well maintained

- Consider placing your valuables in a safety deposit box.
- Get to know your neighbors. If you see someone who appears out of place, call CCSO.
- Be a good witness. If you are a victim of a crime, try to remember as much detail as possible to convey to law enforcement.
- Discuss with your family members possible emergency scenarios and how to respond.

Taking a layered approach to your safety plan will make it undesirable for intruders to target your home.

The Collier County Sheriff's Office has established a special hotline for reporting information about the recent home invasions. That number is 239-252-0300.

Oakes News and Announcements


URGENT changes to our neighborhood and traffic

Destiny Church
, located on the West side of Hidden Oaks Lane, has petitioned to expand to TRIPLE ITS CURRENT SIZE and add hundreds more cars per day to our neighborhood.

Destiny Church, who bought the property from Faith Community Church in 2014, is a fast-growing church with a formal vision of becoming a Mega-Church. They have activities 7 days/nights a week and regularly exceed the current parking and attendance guidelines for their structure and property now.


If approved, the intersection at Oakes Blvd. and Hidden Oaks Lane will become similar to Spanish Oaks Lane with turn lanes required in both directions. ALL OAKES RESIDENTS WILL FEEL THE IMPACT OF INCREASED TRAFFIC.

The Standing Oaks PUD will begin soon which will increase traffic substantially already. Approved 10 years ago, this parcel between Standing & Shady Oaks Lanes and I-75 will include up to 164 condos and townhomes. New raised medians with plant vegetation will be added to the middle of three Oakes Blvd intersections adding a natural calming effect. However, the development is only accessible via Oakes Blvd with single turn lanes to be added on Shady Oaks and Standing Oaks.


2018 Annual Letter of the Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association

If you find this neighborhood unique and special, it is partly due to the quiet work of a volunteer board of directors over the past 25 years.

DID YOU KNOW? If you own property in Oakes Estates, you are a member of our neighborhood association. The Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association (OENA) has been a powerful force to preserve, protect, and enhance our safety, freedom, and independence.

A Few Achievements

  • Oakes Blvd is no longer in the long-range plan to be four-laned

  • The speed limit has been reduced from 45 MPH to 35 MPH

  • Our lanes should always remain dead ends and never be connected to Logan Blvd

  • Our streets have names rather than numbers

  • We have beautiful signs announcing the neighborhood from every point of entry

  • We enjoy a neighborhood park funded, built, and maintained fully by the county

  • We distribute safety and crime alerts from the Sheriff’s Department

  • Our corners have had asphalt added to protect lawns and make turns safer & easier

  • Commercial projects and churches must negotiate with our board to get county approval

Consider what this neighborhood might be without a unified voice with Collier County.



This past year, we queried the county about potential solutions to congestion as well as automobile and pedestrian accidents at the Spanish Oaks / Oakes Blvd intersection. Collier County responded with a recommendation to add a 4-way stop sign. We emailed our 240-member email list not once or twice, but three times for a vote on whether to add the stop sign or not. Only 45 people responded. Although over 85% of respondents were in favor of a stop sign, the County did not feel that we received enough responses to be confident that a majority of homeowners wanted the stop sign. The county will not move forward without our blessing.


Most importantly, we need your support! MAKE A DONATION!
Fill out the form on HERE and send in your donation.
Your contributions help to fund expenses, projects, and legal fees to defend our neighborhood.

We thank the many homeowners who support our continuing efforts to keep Oakes Estates a wonderful place to live, enjoy our independence and lots of space, and raise our kids.

Karl Z. Fry

Upcoming Changes & Challenges

  • Southbrooke Medical/Office PUD on Immokalee Road. We negotiated buffers and access restrictions that far surpass minimum zoning requirements.

  • Garden Shoppes on Northeast corner of Immokalee Rd & Logan Blvd. We are making sure our neighborhood is impacted positively by additional services, yet protected from noise as traffic. Check our website for updates and info

  • Closing of the median on westbound Immokalee Road to turn south onto Oakes Blvd. This will occur late 2017 to allow a longer eastbound turn lane onto Valewood Drive north

Oakes Estates Advisory - OEA - Welcomes You

GL Homes Info
"Naples Garden Shoppes"

- GL Meeting Letter
- GL Site Plan

Support Our Mission

Welcome to the official website of Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association, Inc. We have put together a place to visit when you need the facts or have any questions or comments for our Board or it's Officers.

Where we meet - North Naples Baptist Churchon Oakes BLVD
Meetings are on the First Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the North Naples Baptist Church on the corner of Golden Oaks Lane and Oakes Blvd.

Please consider joining Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association, Inc.. A small annual fee of $25.00 will help us get the information out to our residents and to maintain a P.O. Box. Go HERE for more information on joining. 

We welcome any comments or suggestions on making this website useful for all of the residents.

Thank you,

Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association
Closing of North End of Oakes Blvd
The results from the June 24th, Safety Commission Meeting that Bob Walker and Karl Fry attended were that there is no tangible reason to close the north end of Oakes Blvd. The Safety Commission felt there was merit in the proposal to eliminate the left turn lane that allows you to cut through the median to head south on Oakes when traveling westbound on Immokalee Road. The county’s in-house design team will begin conceptual drawings to eliminate the westbound turn lane and subsequent expansion of the eastbound turn lane onto Valewood Drive north. We will be notified of a public meeting for the final plans. (SEE THIS AND MORE IN THE CURRENT OAKES BOARD MINUTES)
Southbrooke PUD (medical/Office Development) Final Negotiated design reviewed: The engineer firm Grady Minor left large scale exhibits used during the NIM which were used to review the proposed Southbrooke project. Karl reviewed many of the design negotiations that have come into play thus far with the developer. These will be posted on the website for anyone to see. After much discussion of the buildings, the type of business use, landscaping and the aesthetics Bob Walker made a motion to approve for the board to vote by email for reconsideration the use of slash pines in the landscaping the south and east walls for an alternative plant list being defined in conjunction with county landscape architects and our local arborist Peter Goodin, former Oakes board member. Mike Vitte seconded the motion and the motion carried. (Southbrooke Documents)

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Oakes Estates Neighborhood Association, Inc. is a not-for-profit, all volunteer organization that strives to maintain the integrity of our fine neighborhood.

We hope to present a unified approach to dealing with the problems of the Oakes Estates residents by providing a vehicle with which to speak with one voice concerning our problems. Some of our most urgent concerns are:

-  Oakes Boulevard as a four lane road,

-  Connection of the Avenues to Logan Extension
-  New development, Traffic, Speeding, Crime, etc.


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